Need a laugh featuring a Laker after last night's loss?

Would a laugh featuring an ex-Laker cut it? If so, check out this "Mavs Musk" spot starring Dallas swingman Caron Butler. It's being run on the jumbotron during Mavericks games and, in my humble estimation, is almost as funny as John Ireland's interview with Bruce Willis.

Look at the original.

Now back to Caron.

Now back at the original.

Now back to Caron.

Solid comedic timing by Butler, who likely learned how to laugh at himself after getting traded for Shaquille O'Neal and Kwame Brown within a year. As that experience illustrates, life is often way too absurd for taking yourself too seriously.

(On a related note, my wife wholeheartedly agrees with the "Sadly, he isn't me" line every time the Old Spice commercial runs. Sigh.)

In the span of about 12 seconds, I saw Tweets about this from The No Look Pass, Orlando Pinstriped Post's Ben Q. Rock and The Basketball Jones' Tas Melas. Instead of debating who truly "alerted" me, I'll just tip my hat and say thanks to everyone.