Ron Artest injured away from the court, likely to miss game against Sacramento

Just got word from the Lakers Media Relations Department:


EL SEGUNDO- Lakers Forward Ron Artest was injured last night at his home when he tripped over a box and fell down a flight of stairs, suffering an injury to his head and left elbow. Artest received treatment at the emergency room at UCLA Medical Center, where he was released after undergoing a series of tests, including a CT scan. He received stitches to the back of his head and to his elbow. Artest did not accompany the team to Sacramento this morning and is not expected to play in tonight’s game against the Kings. Artest will be examined today in Los Angeles by a neurologist and after that examination, an update will be given with an estimate as to when Artest will be able to rejoin the team."

Safe to say, this hasn't been the merriest of Christmas's for Artest. But on the plus side, this development does provide folks with something new to stew over instead of dwelling on yesterday's loss. Always gotta try (or strain) to find the bright side, right? It's like back in the day when I used to bartend (often while miserable), and would start a new gig slinging drinks after getting burned out at a previous establishment. My standard line was, "I'll hate it here, too, but at least it's something new to hate."

We'll be sure to provide more updates, should any surface.