Ron Artest news conference to discuss his concussion

Here is video of Ron Artest's meeting with the media Tuesday night, conducted during halftime of the Lakers-Warriors game, which by definition means a game is taking place as we speak. Which, by definition, means that I don't have time to add a ton of thoughts right this second. Obviously, Brian and/or I will look to revisit the clip and Artest's statements when we get a free moment, but I wanted to get the video up ASAP. There's a lot of variations on "I don't remember," plus happiness expressed that the injury- stitches to his elbow and head, along with a concussion- wasn't worse. Artest also noted that the first person he contacted after the accident was Kobe Bryant, with texts sent later to Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar.

An ETA for a return to action remains unknown.

Interesting reaction from Ron when I asked if he was concerned about this being viewed as a distraction, even if it was just an honest accident, since everyone predicted Artest in L.A. equals trouble: "I'll leave that for public opinion. I don't even want to answer that."

And I imagine the public will have an opinion, as it always does.