More Friday practice video: Gasol, Jackson, and Artest

How much the Lakers make Amar'e Stoudemire work defensively could be a major key to the series. While he has improved on that end of the floor, Stoudemire is hardly DPOY material and can be exploited. Phil Jackson says the Lakers will throw a few looks at him and obviously want their bigs to be aggressive, but knows Phoenix has a plan in place to protect Amar'e and the rest of its relatively thin contingent of post defenders:

On the other end, Gasol will himself have to defend multiple players with multiple styles. As it was in last year's Finals against Orlando, Pau will have to work in space away from the basket, something with which he feels comfortable:

Ron Artest spoke about the challenges as a team and for him personally on the defensive end:

Not surprisingly, Cleveland's loss to Boston Thursday night was a topic of discussion. Phil Jackson wonders if a lack of continuity did them in, and says the Lakers, after suffering from similar problems during the season have managed to find more of it through the playoffs: