Why Kendrick Perkins matters

Earlier today, I noted a few reasons why the loss of Kendrick Perkins hurts the Celtics ahead of Thursday's Game 7. For a concrete representation, take a gander at these numbers provided by ESPN Stats and Information:

Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum: In Post-Up Situations, 2010 Postseason

-vs. Perkins: 5-14 (35.7 percent), .90 points per play

-vs. anyone else: 55-109 (50.5 percent, 1.03 points per play

Obviously the sample size between L.A.'s bigs and Perkins is small (likely reflecting the difficulty of getting good position and a shot against him), but based on his performance in the playoffs to this point, it's hardly fluky. Among playoff participants with a minimum of 50 plays defending in post-up situations, Perkins ranked first with the lowest number of points allowed per play (.62) and second in field goal percentage allowed (31.2 percent).

I would also suspect he improves the numbers of the guys around him, thanks to his ability as a help defender.

Again, it's a substantial loss for Boston.