Oh, by the way, that Kevin Durant guy made a decision

I apologize for interrupting your daily dose of LeBron pomp and circumstance, Wade and Bosh joining a stripped down Heat squad, Amare headlining a still-bad Knicks squad, Joe Johnson getting wildly overpaid, Carlos Boozer and David Lee twisting in the wind, Jay-Z and the Russian billionaire, etc...

... but I thought people might be interested to know Kevin Durant and the Thunder have agreed to a five year contract extension worth approximately $86 million.Remember Kevin Durant? League's leading scorer. Arguably a top-5 player at the ripe old age of 21? Wing span of about 68 feet and put to good use defending Kobe Bryant during a tough six-game series? Well, until the 2016 season, he'll remain the centerpiece of a rapidly and (frankly) scarily developing Thunder team.

I would have left the proclamation to KD himself, but the kid's been too busy kicking it with OKC's Summer League team to offer much outside of a Tweet or two. Apparently, he didn't get the memo about the mandatory directive to shove your face in front of every camera within a 1000-mile radius. I wouldn't hold your breath for a one-hour press conference on Spike TV.

This development isn't particularly shocking (neither side has even the slightest motivation to part ways), but predictability doesn't negate significance. It's pretty fitting Durant would get locked up in a manner reflecting his franchise's brief history in Oklahoma. The Thunder, without much in the way of bells, whistles or noise (unless you count the Ford Center din), continue to ride the fast track towards greatness. As the world remains obsessed with reading tea leaves in a 24/7 effort to predict the future, here's one absolute we can bank on: Kevin Durant and the Thunder will provide serious fits, whether against a team newly souped up through free agency (and perhaps still not as good as OKC) or even, yes, the Los Angeles Lakers.

As you were.