New Podkast: Raja Bell, Shannon Brown, T-Mac and space travel

We just got back from Summer Pro League in Vegas, and dutiful employees that we are, headed straight to the studio to lay down some tracks. We also invited ESPNLA.com writers Dave McMenamin and Arash Markazi to join the action for a rare "four guys in the studio" show. Here's what the discussion included:

  • Raja Bell spurns the Lakers in favor of the Utah Jazz. Was this simply a matter of dollars making sense, or was Bell sticking it to Kobe Bryant one final time?

  • With Bell out of the picture, does this increase the odds of Shannon Brown remaining in the fold?

  • Is it worth taking a cheap flier on T-Mac?

  • Which teams in the Eastern or Western Conferences pose the biggest threat to the Lakers' three-peat odds?

  • Would you watch "Josh Powell: The Decision?" Or a reality show selecting the Lakers' third string center?

  • Dave reveals his ignorance of The Commodores, Good Times and What's Happening!!

  • I rail against dedicating government dollars towards space exploration during a time of recession. Brian wishes we were a planet of multiple moons. Dave and Arash silently regret wasting half an hour of their lives on this podcast.