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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
New PodKast and Kobe's contradictory statements about walls

By Andy Kamenetzky

It's time again for us to tickle the ears of the masses. It's the newest Kamenetzky brothers Land O' Lakers Podkast.

Items discussed include:

Andy and Brian discuss the team's two big games without Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum, Kobe's contradictory statements regarding walls and whether The Who are still The Who with only two original members, both in their 60s.


-The Lakers have smoked the Portland Trail Blazers (in their house, no less) and a full-strength San Antonio Spurs without Kobe Bryant or Andrew Bynum. Which the begs the question: How? BK and I break down the surprise success.

-In light of their Super Bowl halftime show, Brian and I debate whether The Who should still be able to refer to themselves as such. After all, the band's just two guys remaining from the old days, both older than 60, and they can barely move.

-And finally, Bryant's return remains up in the air. As a proponent of KB24 getting as much rest as possible, I can only salute this exercising of caution. My guess is he won't play tonight against Utah. Again, salutes all around. But I couldn't help but notice some contradictory statements on Kobe's part.

After the win over San Antonio, Kobe says the media make too much of his supposed "warrior mentality" when it comes to never missing a game. He's not "an idiot," and thus is "not going to run through a wall just to run through a wall."

Sounds sensible enough, but less than a year ago, didn't Kobe poo-poo the notion of walls as a deterrent?

Maybe it's just me, but walls certainly didn't seem all that threatening last June. We expect our politicians to flip flop or- as they like to spin it- "soften their position." But when it's the Mamba, I'm not gonna lie. Kinda hurts.

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio, indeed?