Los Angeles Lakers: AC Green

The All (Current) Roster Numbers Team

November, 13, 2010
Kamenetzky By Brian Kamenetzky
One fun part about sports, and having a dedicated space like this one, is the ability to follow through on somewhat random, totally insignificant thoughts/bits of trivia on any given night, just 'cause.

I always have fun looking through the Lakers uniform number register at Basketball Reference, if only for some of the random names you'll find and to once again confirm D.J. Mbenga is unquestionably the best Laker to ever wear 28. Tonight, I wondered what the best team the Lakers could assemble using only the numbers of guys currently on the roster.

Or, if you prefer, "The All 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 24, 45, 50 Team."


Kenny Carr 1978-1979
Rory Sparrow 1992-1992
Anthony Miller 1995-1996
Derek Fisher 1997-2011
Aaron McKie 2006-2007

This one's easy. No disrespect to Pig Miller, but Fish has this one wrapped up. Though without McKie, the Lakers may never get Pau Gasol, a far more significant contribution than the 29 points he scored in purple and gold.


Elmore Smith 1974-1975
Jeff Lamp 1988-1989
Jay Vincent 1990-1990
Sedale Threatt 1992-1996
Devean George 2000-2006
Shammond Williams 2007-2007
Trevor Ariza 2008-2009
Devin Ebanks 2011-2011

Not the strongest number in LAL history. George won some hardware, but barely played in those playoff runs. Threatt was actually a pretty productive player, but during a particularly unproductive time for the franchise. That leaves Ariza, who went to a Finals, won a ring, and might still be here if not for some lousy work from his agent.

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PJ and Riley, Kobe and West: New K-Bros PodKast, guest A.C. Green

January, 28, 2010
Kamenetzky By Brian Kamenetzky
It seems impossible to go ten minutes these days without someone threatening to break a massive Lakers franchise record. Kobe Bryant will enter Friday's game in Philadelphia 72 points shy of passing Jerry West for the points crown, while Phil Jackson needs three victories to eclipse Pat Riley's win total as L.A.'s sideline general. With that in mind, today's Kamenetzky Brothers Land O'Lakers PodKast focuses on milestones.

What does it mean for Kobe to pass West? Who's the best this organization has ever seen (the G.L.O.A.T., if you will)?

Phil Jackson is poised to pass Pat Riley, Kobe Bryant is soon to eclipse Jerry West. Some serious franchise records could fall over the next three games. Andy and Brian talk about what it means, why Magic may never be caught for the G.L.O.A.T., and welcome 710 ESPN's Beto Duran into the studio. Plus, our guest is Lakers icon A.C. Green, talking Riley/PJ, Lakers vs. Celtics, and his incredible durability.


Then there's PJ and Riles. Two iconic coaches with nearly identical coaching records in L.A. Which one is the G.L.C.O.A.T.? To compare their respective approaches to the job, we tracked down Lakers icon A.C. Green, the only player to suit up in purple and gold for both guys.

Here's the rundown:
  • (5:40) G.L.O.A.T talk, looking first at what Bryant's final numbers might be, and where they'd place him on the team's all time lists. We note how hard it is to choose the franchise's best player because the Lakers have had so many transcendent talents.
  • (8:30) It seems for many the argument comes down to Kobe vs. Magic Johnson. Both of us are Magic guys and agree Kobe has a major uphill climb to unseat him at the mountaintop, despite incredible accomplishments past, present, and future. Plus, special shout outs to forgotten statistical titans Normie Glick and Randolph Keys.
  • (19:40) We move to Riley and PJ. While Jackson has the stronger overall record, both dominated in Los Angeles. Who's "your guy?" 710 ESPN reporter/Lakers Insider Beto Duran, a native Angeleno, joins the discussion at 23:50.
  • (30:50) My conversation with Green. He compares the coaching styles of Riley and Jackson, ruminates on the Lakers-Celtics rivalry ahead of L.A.'s date with Boston Sunday afternoon, and finishes with a little (though certainly polite) trash talk. Is he the only man on the planet who can call 24 soft? (Click here for just the interview.)



Nick Young
17.9 1.5 0.7 28.3
ReboundsJ. Hill 7.4
AssistsK. Bryant 6.3
StealsK. Bryant 1.2
BlocksW. Johnson 1.0