Los Angeles Lakers: All-Star Weekend

Kobe Bryant to receive Chinese Theater honor

January, 20, 2011
Kamenetzky By Brian Kamenetzky
I think it was three seasons ago I stood in a nearly empty Lakers locker room, chatting with Kobe Bryant.* Tired of talking basketball, his mind soon wandered to Hollywood.

"You know, Brian," he said, "this hoops thing has worked out pretty well, I'd say, but at the same time I've always been a little jealous of people like Harrison Ford, Al Pacino, Michael Douglas, George Lucas, Doris Day, Natalie Wood, Yul Brenner, Ava Gardner, Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks, and Joan Crawford. People who have had their hands and feet immortalized outside the Chinese Theater in Hollywood."

"That, Brian, would be really cool."

Well, it took a while, but Kobe is finally getting his wish. On February 19th, he'll become the first athlete have his hands and feet imprinted outside Grauman's Chinese. Interestingly enough, Bryant will make his acting debut (a recent cameo on "Modern Family" and a turn as "Terry Hightower" on "Moesha" back in '96, notwithstanding) in a Robert Rodriguez-directed short film put together in conjunction with Nike. (I can't help but think the two are related. Either that, or the folks at Grauman's have seen the dailies and find his performance VERY compelling.)

However, if you're hoping later next month to play your own personal game of Hand'n'Footprint Twister outside Grauman's with Kobe and a bunch of Hollywood luminaries ("Right foot, Bette Davis! Left foot, Marx Brothers! Right hand, Kobe! Left hand, Travolta!"), you may be disappointed. NBCLA.com quotes a spokesperson for the theater noting Bryant's imprints won't be on permanent display out front in the prime real estate with the other giants of cinema.

Which is fair, to say the least. Still, it should be a fun day, part of a very busy All-Star weekend for Bryant. If any non-acting athlete deserves the nod, he makes as much sense as anyone. Certainly Kobe has provided L.A. with plenty of entertainment over the years.

*Actual conversation may not have happened.

New K Bros Land O' Lakers PodKast: Kobe, Drew, Shannon, Pau and McMenamin

February, 12, 2010
Kamenetzky By Andy Kamenetzky
The Lakers may be on a break, but the Kamenetzky brothers never stop working. We're like beavers, except in a studio. Unless, of course, the beavers in question also host a podcast, in which case there's absolutely zero difference.

Here's the newest bit of ear candy to usher in your weekend:

Andy and Brian talk about how the Lakers should play (style, lineups, etc.) after the All-Star break and Shannon Brown's crazy career path. Plus, Andy talks even more Lakers with ESPNLosAngeles.com's Dave McMenamin.

Podcast Listen
-(3:40) The Lakers head into the break having won three straight without the services of Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum. This creates a nutty time for certain Lakers fans, who often struggle to enjoy victories without Kobe at the center of success. As evidenced by some reactions to a pair of previous posts, many a 24 enthusiast takes the man very seriously.

-(9:09): With that in mind, we talk about how the Lakers will need to play in order to duplicate their dominant play of late. Will Andrew Bynum be replaced by Lamar Odom in the starting lineup? For that matter, will Derek Fisher get bumped by Jordan Farmar? Will Kobe blend back in seamlessly? Will the Lakers pass the Cavs finish the season with the best record in the league? These and other questions are pondered.

-(22:22): We discuss the details from my recent article about Shannon Brown's turbulent career upon arriving in Los Angeles. The guy has really persevered through some tough times and uncertainty before his emergence as a dunk-ariffic sensation. You'll also hear snippets of audio from my interviews with Shannon.

-(33:38): I talked with Dave McMenamin, who also covers the Lakers for ESPNLosAngeles.com. In addition to Dave's recent articles about Pau Gasol's leadership and the Lake Show's All-Star weekend plans, topics include whether Gasol's failures in Memphis can be reexamined, D.J. Mbenga's underrated reputation as a shot happy big man and any trade deadline moves in the pipeline.

If you want to just hear the interview, click here.



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