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PodKast: Jeanie Buss talks about "Laker Girl," her family and Boobah

October, 30, 2010
Kamenetzky By Andy Kamenetzky
Friday morning, Brian and I had the pleasure of chatting with Lakers Vice President of Business Operations Jeanie Buss. Phil Jackson's better half is promoting her new book "Laker Girl," co-written by Steve Springer and now on shelves everywhere. We hit on a variety of topics ranging from the book, Tuesday's ring ceremony, and Jackson's future with the team. (Not to mention Jeanie's pet name for her beau!) A summary:

Andy and Brian welcome Lakers Executive Vice President Jeanie Buss for an extended conversation about her new book, "Laker Girl," her history in the NBA, Phil Jackson's future (and pet name), and much more.

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" Jeanie's boyfriend has gobs of experience as an author and a diarist, but she nonetheless didn't draw upon anything from him while taking a maiden voyage into the book world. "I can't compare myself to Phil Jackson in any way, shape or form," laughed Buss. "His view on the world and his intellectual approach, I don't have that in common with him. I'm more of a Twitter girl... I had to be who I am. Take it or leave it."

That said, she'd prefer the "take" option be exercised. Aside from the natural desire to move product, Phil's collaboration with Andy Bernstein, "Journey to the Ring," is about to hit stores, and match his sales would be fun, especially after her beau finished his work in three weeks while she slaved away for months.( Let's be honest, though. Phil's book is photo-driven, so Andy did all the heavy lifting.)

" Letting strangers into your life is an exercise in vulnerability, but Jeanie deemed nothing in her personal life off limits. "I didn't hold anything back... When you try to hide things, that kind of stuff messes with your mind." Still, that doesn't mean everyone was initially comfortable with the curtain being drawn back.

"Phil did not like the idea of me doing this book," admitted Buss. "He felt vulnerable in a way he couldn't control." Thankfully, the finished product prompted a sigh of relief, along with a pat on the back. According to Jeanie, Phil "loved" the book.

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