Lakers Late Night Replay vs. New Jersey, plus postgame video

With 7:16 left in the third, the Lakers led New Jersey by 17. In other words, the Nets had 'em right where they wanted 'em. Once again, a game L.A. should have won going away became uncomfortably close down the stretch. Jersey tied the game at 86 with 1:29 remaining before Kobe Bryant hit a pair of tough jumpers to seal the win.

Good for the Bryant highlight time capsule, bad for the town's blood pressure.

On Tuesday's edition of Lakers Late Night, we hit on the following:

  • Another lost lead. What gives? Mike Brown's answer wasn't totally satisfying, which leads to...

  • ... Brown's apparent unwillingness to be genuinely critical of his team publicly. Even after Saturday's game, a bad effort against a horrible Hornets team, he came out with praise. As you'll see below, Tuesday he started offering some mild criticism, saying the team tends to relax when up big, then backtracked on the follow up. It leads to a larger conversation about how Brown has handled the Lakers gig, overall.

  • Andrew Bynum. Didn't play tonight because of an ankle injury, but the big news came from ESPNLA's Dave McMenamin, who reported earlier in the day the team had fined their All-Star center for a variety of infractions. How concerned should people be?

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Click below for more postgame video from Brown and Pau Gasol.

Brown on losing leads. The backtrack mentioned above isn't necessarily massive, but is indicative of an approach that is too often too conservative and protective, something neither of us think helps Brown much, whether with the public or (more importantly) his team.

Brown, on the flagging offense in the second half:

Gasol on Jersey, poor play in the second half, losing leads, and more:

Gasol on Wednesday's game vs. the Clippers: