Los Angeles Lakers: Steve Mason

Andy and Brian discuss the Lakers' toughness, Ron Artest's feet and high/low points of the season now halfway done. Plus, Steve Mason hijacks a mic to talk about the road trip!

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The Lakers have conversations with the President. The Kamenetzkys have conversations with each other. You decide who enjoys the more glamorous lifestyle.

-(2:20 mark): Barely a couple minute's worth of conversation about apocalyptic road movies passed before noticing Steve Mason peering through the studio door's window, nosed pressed against the glass like a sad puppy wanting to be let inside. After being allowed to crash the party, Mase criticized the Lakers' play over the road trip's opening three games.

-(5:41): No doubt, the Lakers haven't been great on the road this year nor as sharp in general, but how concerning is this early development? We debate the "somewhat-to-fairly" (Brian) vs. the "wake me in March if they're still having problems" (Andy).

-(12:16): Oh, "Silent P." You tricky, yet cowardly, son of a gun.

-(13:50): The age old discussion: Are the Lakers soft? Or is the question itself just a recycling of cliche?

-(18:07): Ron Artest's problematic plantar fasciitis (and according to Phil Jackson, problematic shoes) are clearly affecting his play. Should he (or other injured players) sit out a few games?

-(21:57) With the season 44 games in the books, Brian and I share our "halfway there" (more or less) thoughts. What has been the season's most overblown story? The most glossed over? Biggest surprise? Biggest disappointment? Letter grades!



Kobe Bryant
22.3 5.6 1.3 34.5
ReboundsJ. Hill 8.0
AssistsK. Bryant 5.6
StealsR. Price 1.6
BlocksE. Davis 1.3