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Recruiting process heats up for Cravens

March, 13, 2012
LOS ANGELES -- The football season ended for Su'a Cravens from Murrieta (Calif.) Vista Murrieta in early December. That, however, does not mean the gridiron goings on for the highly-touted 2013 prospect have come to a complete standstill.

The buzz is just getting started, in fact.

The recruiting process had not subsided for Cravens since the beginning of the new calendar year as Division I colleges from all over the country remain in constant contact with the 6-foot-1, 205-plus pound junior safety who has more than 25 offers.

“In some cases the hype can be bad, but overall, I think Su'a has a good problem on his hands with the whole recruiting process,'' Vista Murrieta coach Coley Candaele said. “There are times when he has to turn his phone off because of all the calls he receives on a weekly and daily basis. When it comes to talking to people, he's on a strict schedule now.''

Powerhouse programs such as Alabama, Florida, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State and Oklahoma are among those interested in his services. To somewhat of a lesser extent, Arkansas, Clemson, Nebraska and Wisconsin are in the hunt for a Cravens' pledge.

A bit closer to home, seemingly every Pac-12 Conference school around has put a scholarship offer on the table for him. Nearby UCLA and USC would like nothing more than for Cravens to offer up an all-important, yet elusive to this point commitment.

"I don't have any top teams right now, there is no team ahead of any other one,'' Cravens said. “Really, I'm not worried about making a decision soon.''

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Kyle Murphy is a man among boys

November, 8, 2011
SAN CLEMENTE -- It's the same routine each and every time. Like clockwork.

Kyle Murphy makes his way toward the line of scrimmage and the highly-touted offensive tackle from San Clemente checks out the opposing defense shuffling directly in front of him.

Locating where the pass-rushing specialist on end is positioned is the first order of business. Glancing nearby in the direction of the nose guard follows. Getting an all-important read on what the linebacking corps have in store, accurate or not, essentially prepares him for what comes next.

Murphy proceeds to set up in his standard three-point stance.

The snap awaits, mere seconds way. He lives for these moments.

“It gets ugly out there on the football field sometimes, because if you get in the way of Kyle Murphy, you're just asking for trouble,'' San Clemente coach John Hamro said.

With the ball set in motion, Murphy explodes from his customary crouch. Anyone standing in his way at the point of attack is left irrelevant. A devastating pancake block at the second level brings the crowd to its feet and clears a wide-open path for a teammate's run to the end zone.

It's the same routine each and every time. Like clockwork. Murphy's preparation is key. The senior rarely, if ever, takes a play off. And his determination this season has enabled him to emerge as one of the most sought-after unsigned recruits in the country.

“I play the game at full speed, all the time, it's the only way to get things done,'' Murphy said. “I have worked to get to this point, and with my size and strength, I feel like I can do things other players can't. I want to prove that I can go hold my own every time I step out on the field.''

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