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Muir's Seymour avoids potential pitfalls

October, 25, 2011
Kevon SeymourErik McKinney/WeAreSC.comMuir's Kevon Seymour had a rough unbringing but has always vowed to make a difference.

PASADENA -- Some call the Community Arms housing project dangerous. Others call it treacherous, thus the ominous nickname: the Snake Pits.

Kevon Seymour simply calls it home.

The highly-touted senior for the Muir High School football team has spent 17 years growing up in the neighborhood, known to be as tough as they come in the greater Los Angeles area. Seymour is fully aware of the, often times, unforgiving streets surrounding him. He possesses a good understanding about the constant threat of gang activity looming outside his door.

Nevertheless, Seymour has avoided hanging out with the wrong crowd. Developing bad habits was never an option. Succumbing to peer pressure was not in the cards. Instead, he has focused his time and energy on doing something better with his life.

“I'm a leader, not a follower,'' Seymour said.

And therein lies the key. He has successful navigated the numerous potential pitfalls in his path, both on and off the field. Given his life experiences, it should come as no surprise to learn Seymour has provided the Mustangs (4-3 overall) with an immeasurable presence this season as they head into Friday night's Pacific League game against Burbank Burroughs.

"Where I come from, they call it the Snake Pits for a reason,'' Seymour said. “There is a lot of fighting, gang violence and crime that goes on around here. I see it all the time. I've had friends who have been in some trouble. I know it happens in other places too. Where I live isn't as bad as some places. But I have seen some crazy things in my life.

“All that stuff isn't me though. I'm smarter than that. I'm also lucky. I have a good family life and there are a lot of people in my community who look after me. They want me to be a success. I'm motivated to make a difference, to do something special.''

Seymour is doing just that: Making a difference.

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