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Rebounding for life and sport

January, 3, 2011

PASADENA -- There was a time, not too long ago, when it was thought that Steven Adams might not ever have the opportunity to step foot out on the basketball court and play again.

Approximately two years ago, unexpected spells of double-vision and headaches signaled significant problems for the promising young prospect from Pasadena High. A pair of visits to the family physician as a precautionary measure followed and revealed Adams had a life-threatening situation developing internally, dangerously close to his brain, of all places.

Emergency surgery was necessary, and fortunately, successful.

The rehabilitation process thereafter was long and arduous.

His desire, however, to get back on the hardwood never wavered.

Close to a full recovery these days, Adams recently made a triumphant return to the starting lineup and is consistently contributing for the Bulldogs. Furthermore, the 6-foot-9 and 250-plus pound senior post player is beginning to show flashes of his former self.

“Life was hard at first, after the surgery,’’ Adams said. “I couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, I had to learn how to feed myself again, tie my shoes and brush my teeth. Play basketball too. But I’m feeling good again, especially on the court. I’m just trying to get my handles back, my jumper back, my agility, my timing. Good thing is, it’s coming, I can feel everything coming back.’’

Adams first noticed signs of trouble back in mid-January of 2009. He was hustling to get back on the defensive end of the floor against crosstown rival Muir, and suddenly, felt a bit different. Adams wasn’t winded or necessarily tired. Nevertheless, something was amiss.

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