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Price's Norvel Pelle draws plenty of attention

February, 1, 2011

LOS ANGELES -- Might as well enjoy him now.

After all, he won't be around here for much longer.

By most accounts, Norvel Pelle is the premier prep basketball player the Southland has to offer. And it doesn't matter where the game is, at home or on the road, crowds typically flock to the gym in an effort to catch a glimpse of the senior from Price High in action.

Some cheer. Others jeer. Bottom line: Pelle is a big draw.

Such was the case once again Saturday night. Spectators were out in force at the Fairfax State Preview Classic to watch Pelle & Co. defeat Mission Hills Alemany, 66-61. Interestingly enough, a collection of college coaches and scouts were in attendance as well, presumably there to see Pelle for perhaps one of the final times before he takes his game to St. John's next season.

“Norvel brings a whole lot to the table,'' Price coach Michael Lynch said. “It seems like everyone wants a piece of him sometimes, so the key for him is to stay focused as much as possible. He's getting better and better at concentrating on things and that's a good sign because you never know how a kid is going to respond to a certain situation and all of the hype.

“On the court, he makes his teammates better, no question about it. He's a talent, a force, the kind of player that opens things up for everyone else around him. There's a lot to like about him, he does many things well. Norvel can be a dynamic player whenever he wants.''

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