Inland Empire: Michael Eubank of Corona Centennial is banking on a big season

No player in the Inland Empire has improved his stock among college recruiters than Corona Centennial quarterback Michael Eubank.

He has helped the Huskies to a 3-0 start by piloting their high-octane offense to three consecutive one-sided victories. And these aren’t cupcakes Centennial is playing, its last two wins have come against Mater Dei and Temecula Chaparral.

The 6-foot-5, 220-pound senior threw for 200 yards and two touchdowns in the victory against Mater Dei in Week 2, and had 113 yards rushing and three touchdowns Friday night against Chaparral.

Eubank’s size is what’s most noticeable. He uses his strength to finish off runs, evident by his surge toward the pylon at the end of this drive.

But he also has light feet that enable him to dodge tackles and break away on long runs. Here’s a 55-yard touchdown run that salted the victory against Chaparral.

Centennial Coach Matt Logan said Eubank is a combination of Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon.

"Mike is 6-5, but it looks like he’s 6-8 when he’s out there," Logan said. "It’s amazing how tall he looks. I can never find him on the sidelines though. I can’t figure that out."

In the following clip, Eubank spoke about the keys to Centennial’s fast start, what personally motivated him against Chaparral and the progress of his recruiting.