CHIVAS USA: Window opens to possibilities

The summer transfer window opened Friday, and no official movement yet from Chivas USA. Give them time.

Head coach Robin Fraser this week said the club has “a few players” in mind and is ready to prioritize them and begin negotiations.

Who they are and where on the field they play is a mystery, but the Goats' biggest need is up front, and they could also use a natural winger and perhaps an upgrade on the backline.

“We have some players in mind, for sure, but until something is done, nothing is done. Put it that way ...,” Fraser said. “Ideally, we'd have them all here tomorrow.”

Conversations have been held with everyone on the list, but active negotiations had not begun before the window opened. Whether Chivas makes a deal, how many players are signed and who they are really depends on economics.

“To be honest, it's a budgetary thing, it's a quality thing ...,” Fraser said. “It would certainly depend on what's available and depend on how much money we have left, and if we sign one, how much money's then left to sign the rest.

“It's all a puzzle that's carefully being put together.”