Star-struck Becks? Believe it

David Beckham might be the biggest star in the world, but even he gets star-struck.

For instance, last week, when he capped his short trek to England with dinner. With Queen Elizabeth and President Obama.

Beckham, who was home to participate in Gary Neville's Manchester United testimonial, was a guest at the Buckingham Palace dinner eight nights ago honoring Obama and his wife, Michelle.

"When you get an invite like that, it's impossible to turn down," Beckham said following the Galaxy's training session Thursday. "Obviously, I've met the queen before, and I can never get bored of meeting the queen, you know. We love her in our country, and she's loved all over the world, so to be at dinner with her [is amazing].

"I've met the first lady before but never met the president. So it was an honor to meet him, an amazing man. ... It was a great dinner. The food was great as well."

Beckham, who also was a guest at Prince William's wedding at the end of April, says he often gets invitations to events in England, "and usually I can't go to those kind of things, obviously living here, and usually I'm working all the time. So to be able to go there, it was a real honor to meet the people that I met.

"Tom Hanks was on my table as well, so I was a little bit starstruck."

'I CAN PLAY IN ENGLAND': He called the match honoring Neville a "special night" and enjoyed being with the fans, who chanted for Man United boss Alex Ferguson to bring Beckham back to the club.

"I know I can play in England again," Beckham said. "I'm fit enough, and when you've played there, you know how special it is to play there. It's nice to hear people saying [I should return to England to play], because they're still noticing you can still play and are still fit. At 36 years old, I'm still running around like I was when I was 21. A little bit slower, but I can still play."

Beckham enjoyed putting on a Manchester United uniform for the first time since he left the club in 2003, and joked that it was difficult to take it off after the game. "I've got it at home now. I wear it to bed," he quipped.

"To be back in a Man United shirt never gets old. Being a Man United fan and being part of the night, but playing back at Old Trafford in front of the fans ... I've got such a great affection for the fans."

And wearing his old No. 7 "felt good, I must admit. I always was honored to wear the No. 7 for Man United, because of [club legends who wore No. 7] Eric Cantona and Bryan Robson and George Best. To be back in it was special."

OWN TESTIMONIAL: So, what kind of testimonial might Beckham receive when he retires?

"You get given them when you've played for a club for 10 years, and it's special because when you've been at a club for so long, you deserve a night like that ...," Beckham said. "I haven't played at a club for 10 years. I played at United almost 10 years in the first team. I just left before my 10th year. Unfortunately, I won't get one."

Maybe go back to the Red Devils for one more season?

"I think it has to be continuous," he said. "I don't think I'll be getting a testimonial anywhere else. I can't see me playing for another six years [with the Galaxy], but you know what? You never know."