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CHIVAS USA: Oxnard finale a foundation

January, 26, 2012
Chivas USA heads into its first preseason encounter Friday looking to build a foundation for further growth. The first two weeks of Goats camp primarily has been about fitness, of course, so there's no expectations of anything like a finished product when they take on the Ventura County Fusion at Oxnard College.

The 10 a.m. game, the first of nine preseason matches on the Goats' schedule, will primarily provide an opportunity to work on “our eam concepts and be able to execute certain things that are important to execute as a group,” head coach Robin Fraser said.

That's in keeping with his plan, which he took last weekend to Oxnard for a week's encampment that was designed to “narrow focus even more on short-term and long-term objectives. When you're in a captive state, you really get to focus as a group on the objectives.”

Many of those objectives are esoteric, having to do with team movement and philosophies and deepening the club's newcomers' understanding of the culture Fraser and his staff began introducing a year ago.

“We had certain objectives in mind about where we want to go where we want to be by the end of the first two weeks, and certainly we'd like to meet those objectives,” said Fraser, who declined to identify these objectives. “We have certain objectives as a team that we specifically want o get out of [Friday's] game, things hat are important for us to start to grasp and embrace as a team. ... Certain general objectives and ideals we want to be team-wide sooner than later, and then from that we can build on the specifics of what we want to be.”

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