Los Angeles Soccer: Time Warner Cable

GALAXY: TV schedule is out, sort of

February, 19, 2012

The Galaxy planned to announce their television schedule for this season a few weeks back, but that was pushed back for some reason and there's no word on when the club will unveil it.

Except that it already has.

The Galaxy is distributing rosters (with photos) of the team at its “caravan” events leading to next month's kickoff to the Major League Soccer season, and they include the full schedule, with television, on the back.

The schedule indicates that the Galaxy will make their debut on Time Warner Cable's new local sports network Oct. 21 against San Jose, their only regular-season appearance scheduled for the channel, which is set to debut in October.

The Galaxy's primary television homes this season are KDOC/Channel 56 in English (18 games) and KWHY/Channel 22 (14) in Spanish, along with national telecasts on ESPN and ESPN2 (8) and the new NBC Sports Network (7) in English and ESPN Deportes (8) and Galavision (6) in Spanish.

Additional CONCACAF Champions League games will be added to the schedule, if the Galaxy wins their quarterfinal series with Toronto FC and once the next tournament's slate is announced, and midseason friendlies also are expected.

Here's the schedule the Galaxy has distributed (all times Pacific; home games in bold):

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GALAXY: Beckham behind big TV deal

November, 18, 2011

CARSON -- The Galaxy unveiled the 10-year television deal with Time Warner Cable's new English- and Spanish-language regional sports networks, and the conversation with AEG President Tim Leiweke afterward quickly turned to David Beckham.

As in: Will he stay?

“You guys are more hung up on that than I am,” Leiweke said.

That might be true, but as Leiweke readily proclaimed, this new deal -- worth $55 million, according to a Los Angeles Times report earlier this week -- is all about Beckham.

The basics: Time Warner is anchoring its new networks, set to launch net year, with the Lakers and the Galaxy, and they're committing to a lot of programming: games, of course, but plenty of ancillary coverage, too. The “Bruce Arena Show,” anyone?

“We don't talk about this deal without David Beckham,” Leiweke said after the announcement in a Home Depot Center news conference. “We wouldn't have gotten the Herbalife deal [in 2007, worth as much as $25 million over five year] without David Beckham. We certainly are not touring Indonesia, Asia and Australia without David Beckham, and we're not getting the kind of guarantees we're getting [for the trip] without David Beckham. I don't even think we get Robbie Keane without David Beckham.

“We wouldn't be sitting here with the kind of partners we have, the attention we have -- and this [MLS Cup final at HDC] on Sunday, we could be at the Rose Bowl and sell 80,000 seats. That's David Beckham.”

Beckham's role in the Time Warner deal has mostly to do with influence. He has provided a spotlight on Major League Soccer, and especially on the Galaxy, that has a lot of very fine players thinking they'd like to head on over, guys who otherwise wouldn't think twice about MLS.

Whether he returns to L.A next year for a sixth season (and beyond?) or is off to London or Paris or wherever, Beckham represents a commitment, Leiweke said, to how the club will do its business.

“[This is] arguably the biggest deal we've done, period,” he said. “If you look at the amount of coverage they're going to provide to the team; if you look at the fact that it's two different networks, and they're going to build these networks around us and the Lakers; and if you look at, obviously, the financial commitment they've made here, not just in rights fees, but in production and talent, this is fantastic because it treats the Galaxy like the Lakers.

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