Ranking the Pac-12's offensive triplets: No. 5 UCLA

If Josh Rosen's leadership catches up to his physical skill, then UCLA could have a big 2016. Boyd Ivey/Icon Sportswire

We're continuing our rankings of the Pac-12's top offensive triplets with UCLA. Here are the parameters: We’ve selected a trio of skill-position players from each team in the conference. Each player comes from a different position group, so the offensive version of this series features a quarterback, a running back and a receiver -- no exceptions. We then ranked each program’s troika against the others in the Pac-12, and we’ll be unveiling each in reverse countdown order.

QB Josh Rosen

Rosen, a true sophomore, might be the most talented pure passer in all of college football. More than a few folks already view him as the presumptive No. 1 selection in the 2018 NFL draft. He's got the size at 6-foot-4, 215 pounds, and the arm, athletic ability and smarts to pretty much write his own ticket. The only question is whether he is ready to be a leader? Can he rally his guys when the screws tighten in the fourth quarter? That, after all, is often the biggest measure of a QB, even more so than stats.

RB Soso Jamabo

Jamabo was a touted recruit who flashed plenty of ability last year while rushing for 415 yards -- averaging 6.1 yards per carry -- and four TDs as Paul Perkins' backup. He's surprisingly tall for a RB -- 6-foot-3 -- which makes you wonder if he might become a factor in the passing game. He's also a good bet to gain 1,000 yards next fall. Moreover, the depth behind him, starting with Nate Starks, is more than adequate.

WR Darren Andrews

Andrews ranked No. 3 on the Bruins last season with 42 receptions for 429 yards. He also is the only one of the Bruins' top five receivers from 2015 who returns. That means he needs to lead in word and deed as some youngsters try to break through. Is the 5-foot-10 junior a No. 1 receiver, particularly as the Bruins adopt a more pro-style attack? That remains to be seen.

Evaluation: Rosen is a budding superstar, while Jamabo could become a star this fall even in a conference loaded at running back. The upside with those two is tremendous. Andrews is a solid Pac-12 receiver, a leader at one of UCLA's most questionable positions -- one that is obviously vital to Rosen showcasing his arm. The Bruins should have a good offense this season. They could have a great offense if some pass catchers step up to join Andrews.