In the huddle with Christian Ramirez

Five years ago, redshirt senior Christian Ramirez came into UCLA as a defensive back. He then made the switch to running back before returning to safety this spring. That's why seeing Ramirez in a white offensive jersey at Monday afternoon's practice was no shocker. I caught up with him briefly to speak about the latest switch, his offensive background and not being done at safety.

Blair Angulo: From running back to safety and now back to offense. You've been through some changes in recent years.

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Christian Ramirez

Christian Ramirez: Coach Neuheisel just called me in to his office and told me he wanted to see what I can do [at F-back]. He said he's still trying to fill positions. I'm going to give it a shot.

Angulo: How does your background on offense help with this transition?

Ramirez: It will help blocking-wise. You don't run many routes as a running back, but you still have to read coverages. It's just a different outlook from a different position.

Angulo: At this point, are you trying to do whatever it takes to get on the field?

Ramirez: I've said it all year -- I just want to have fun. I was having fun at safety, but coach said he wants me to try this position. Came out here today and had fun, now I just want to keep that going for the rest of spring.

Angulo: How would you assess the spring you've had at safety?

Ramirez: In the scrimmage I had opportunities to come up and hit people. All of it is not too new to me because I was looking at things from a defensive perspective. Now I'm on the other side, so I'm just trying to fit in somewhere.

Angulo: Coach says you're not done at safety.

Ramirez: It just comes down to learning concepts. Playing both positions will help me learn each one either way. I've known both sides so it's nothing too hard. It's just going to take a little extra meeting time.