Rahim Moore drops them like they're hot

PASADENA -- Rahim Moore used to tear into bags of Hot Cheetos, blazing through so quickly that he would forget to use his fingers.

"I just threw them all into my mouth and ate them with no remorse," Moore said at the Pac-10 Conference's annual football media day.

But as part of a new offseason diet, UCLA's junior safety has completely dropped his favorite snack. He has said Chee-no to Cheetos. Moore now walks into stores and just stares.

"I ask myself, 'Should I make the team better or should I eat these Hot Cheetos?'" he said.

Like many of his teammates, Moore is staying away from the sugars, cutting back on the carbohydrates and drinking more water. He wants to be able to go "six quarters instead of just four," as he put it.

"If you put bad stuff in your body, you're going to get bad results," Moore said.

Good results -- as Moore experienced last season by leading the nation with 10 interceptions -- mean more postseason awards and accolades. Perhaps then -- and only then -- will Moore be reunited with his fiery delicacy.