Memories linger from last year's near brawl

Last year's game between USC and UCLA turned ugly at the end, with a near brawl breaking out after UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel called timeout when USC was trying to run out the clock and the Trojans responding by throwing a 48-yard touchdown pass to finish off a 28-7 victory.

Trojans players danced in celebration and UCLA players slowly migrated toward the USC sideline. Players from both teams yelled and taunted one another while coaches and officials desperately tried to keep order.

Neuheisel said he hasn't addressed the incident with his team, choosing instead to leave it in the past.

"That’s not the focus," Neuheisel said. "It’s not a revenge...this is about two great programs, proud programs, that are excited to play one another."

Some of the players who were involved, however, still harbor some hard feelings.

"Something like that sticks in the back of your head, definitely," receiver Taylor Embree said. "It hasn't been brought up by anyone on the team, but I remember exactly what happened."

Still, the UCLA players say that incident will not be needed for motivation heading into Saturday's game.

"If we have to look to that to find motivation, there is something wrong," quarterback Richard Brehaut said. "We have enough motivation with just how our season has gone. Add to that that we're playing USC and we don't need any more motivation."