Jerime Anderson apologetic after arrest

UCLA guard Jerime Anderson, arrested last week for stealing a laptop computer, made his first public comments about the incident in a Facebook post over the weekend.

"I am terribly sorry and embarrassed for my conduct and poor judgment that I’ve used recently," Anderson wrote in the post on his personal Facebook page, according to a UCLA spokesman and confirmed by his attorney, Jon Artz. "I have embarrassed my family, friends, teammates, coaches and university and I am extremely sorry for that."

The post, dated July 30, also addressed a party Anderson was going to be hosting for L.A.-area athletes called the "I Love College Athletes Party."

"I will not be attending any social events and I am saddened and disappointed for my lack of judgment," the post said.

Artz said that Anderson, a senior reserve point guard, is very remorseful and had "tears in his eyes" during their meeting last week. He also confirmed that Anderson has contacted the party organizers and requested that his named be removed from the event. A link to the event on Facebook no longer includes Anderson's name, though other links still do, and he is listed among those not attending on the guest list.

"He was involved in this party and now he’s not and he’s trying to make it clear," Artz said. "He had the event scheduled prior to making a huge mistake. Now he's not going to this party or any party."

On Monday, Anderson made a clarifying Facebook post, just in case there were any doubts about whether or not he was still affiliated with the party.

“Just to clarify any misunderstandings I will not be hosting, attending, or doing any promoting for any parties or events," the post read. "So if anyone was or is wondering if I was still a host for the 'I Love College Athlete Party' I have removed myself from the event and have no affiliation with it whatsoever.”

Anderson will be arraigned on Sept. 27 at the LAX branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court. He is facing felony charges for stealing a MacBook Pro valued at $1,541. He has been suspended indefinitely from the UCLA basketball team.

While Anderson's July 30 Facebook post does not admit guilt, it insinuates that Anderson is willing to face whatever charges come his way.

"Know that I have learned a life lesson that I will never forget and I will do any and everything to make this situation right and come out of the whole thing a better student, teammate, brother, son and most of all a better man," he wrote. "I hope that I can have your support and prayers through this tough time. God bless."