Practice report: Rose Bowl scrimmage update

UCLA held a live scrimmage at the Rose Bowl on Friday, going about 70-75 plays in preparation for the Sept. 3 opener at Houston. The scrimmage was closed to the public and the media, so coach Rick Neuheisel updated reporters via conference call afterwards.

Some of the highlights:

  • On the heat at the Rose Bowl: "It was a great day for us with respect to that to get used to that and I think it will help us mentally when we get there next week. It was kind of a hot and humid day out there which is exactly what we expect to play in a week from now."

  • On how the scrimmage unfolded: "We played the one offense vs. the two defense and the two offense vs. the one defense. Each offense and defense got 25 plays. Then we played the threes against each other for about 15 plays and we played the twos, who had been the service teams, against each other 10-12 plays which Brett Hundley got all the snaps and he looked pretty good."

  • On how the team looked: "When you are playing against teams that are playing look teams, it’s not as crisp to make the assessment. But from a standpoint of working through all the administration that goes into calling offenses and calling defenses and having coaches working sidelines and press box communications and all that stuff it was good."

  • On how quarterbacks Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut looked: "Sharp. But we didn’t throw very much. We were into pounding a little bit."