Neuheisel pumps up the volume

All week during practice, coach Rick Neuheisel has ordered crowd noise to be played during the team's two-minute drill -- an unusual occurrence considering the Bruins have a home game against Texas this week.

Normally he reserves the crowd noise for road games in anticipation of a loud, hostile environment. Playing against Texas, however, changes things.

"Texas fans are as proud as there are in the country and Los Angeles is a glamorous place to be," Neuheisel said. "I remember one time landing to play in Austin when I was with Colorado and I saw more private jets with Longhorns on their wings than you can shake a stick at. So I imagine the Air Force of Texas will be there in force."

On a serious note, Neuheisel said he simply wanted his players to get used to those frantic end-of-half situations that tend to get the crowd riled up no matter where you are playing.

"I don’t know many crowds that get real quiet during that time of the game," he said. "It’s just important to be able to deal with the tension that noise brings and relaxing it."