Brehaut practices, but is not ready to play

UCLA quarterback Richard Brehaut returned to practice Tuesday, exactly one month after breaking his leg during a run against Washington State.

Breahut threw passes in the one-on-one drills and did some individual work, but did not participate in any of the team drills or 7-on-7 and coach Rick Neuheisel said Brehaut would "probably not" be ready to play Saturday against Utah.

"Don’t rule him ever out," Neuheisel said. "But he’s still sore and he’s rusty. You can’t be gone since the Washington State game and not come back rusty. But it’s good to have him starting that process and hopefully it’ll go quickly."

Brehaut said his leg felt pain free, but acknowledged that the muscles in his leg are out of shape due to non use. He proclaimed himself at about 80 percent strength and said he does not have a target return date set.

"I’m just kind of taking it day-by-day now and kind of just taking my time with it and not trying to rush back too fast," Brehaut said. "As long as it’s not too painful and I can work through it I’m going to increase it every day and see how it feels. Hopefully I can get back to doing team stuff and full stuff pretty soon here."

Brehaut started three games for the Bruins this season and played in relief in two others. He completed 66-of-119 passes for 935 yards and six touchdowns without an interception. He said his arm feels good, but still needs to get back in sync with the receivers.

As far as coming back only a month after breaking his leg, Brehaut said it wasn't fast enough.

"It is kind of surprising that it’s only been a month and I’m already out here moving around and doing stuff, but at the same time if I could have had it my way, I would have been out here last week," Brehaut said. "It’s not exactly been how I wanted it to go. It’s kind of not been as fast a recovery as I would have liked it personally, but that’s how it goes and I can’t push it, can’t hurry back to fast."