Maiava looking forward to Colorado reunion

When Kai Maiava left Colorado, he didn't anticipate ever having to face his former team, but now he's got that opportunity and he wants to make the most of it.

Maiava, UCLA's center, and receiver Josh Smith, both transferred to Westwood from Colorado and will face their former team for the first time Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

And for Maiava, that means the chance to go head hunting for some Buffaloes players who remain close friends.

"I definitely want to get David Goldberg, that’s my homie," Maiava said, laughing. "And Tyler Ahles. That’s it on defense and I got a couple of more boys on offense. Two of them play d-line so I’m sure I’m going to run into them sooner or later and hopefully I get the better end."

Maiava acknowledged that Facebook, Twitter and text messages have been filled with trash talk all week, but that it was all in good fun.

"When I first found out [we we're playing them], I was just laughing," Maiava said. "Me and Josh were looking at each other like ‘that’s crazy’ because we never thought we would play them and we’re getting the chance and we have to make the most of the opportunity."