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Near brawl disrupts UCLA practice

April, 26, 2012
Jim MoraPeter Yoon/ESPNLA.comUCLA coach Jim Mora said the near-brawl Wednesday at practice was "unacceptable" and "not who we're going to be."

LOS ANGELES -- Dust-ups, skirmishes and fights are bound to happen over the course of a spring football camp, but when things border on a brawl, it's time for the coach to take action.

That's what happened Thursday when coach Jim Mora halted practice and made the entire team run sprints after a mini-brawl broke out during team drills about midway through the session. Multiple players got involved after linebacker Eric Kendricks and offensive lineman Jeff Baca engaged in some post-play shoving and offensive linemen Brett Downey and Albert Cid each went after Kendricks.

Cid eventually threw a punch that sent Kendricks into a tizzy and drew a crowd of players and coaches from the field and the sideline and forced Mora to take action.

"It’s unacceptable," Mora said. "That’s not who we’re going to be and that’s not what we’re going to do. A punch was thrown and so we paid the consequence for it. I want this team to play with class and composure at all times and in order to play that way, you have to practice that way."

Mora was yelling at Cid the whole time as the team ran sprints for about five minutes, barking about discipline and how throwing a punch would get him kicked out of the game and cost the team 15 yards. Cid, who was suspended a half last season for his role in the benches-clearing brawl at Arizona, said he simply lost his cool.

"Just the heat of the moment," he said. "Nothing serious, I just got a little excited, that was all. There is a lot of competition going on out here and that’s just part of competing."

Baca was blocking Kendricks on the play and the two kept going at it after the whistle. After a few shoves, Downey came over and shoved Kendricks, who became even more infuriated. That's when Cid got involved and as Kendricks began to lose his cool, teammates and coaches surrounded the overheated situation and separated skirmishing players before it boiled over.

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Upon further review: Neuheisel on Cal

October, 30, 2011
UCLA's rally cry for Saturday's victory over California was "Burn the Boats," a reference to a war story in which generals, invading by boat, told their troops that they had to succeed or die because the boats would be burned and there would be no way to retreat.

The win-or-die mentality worked. UCLA, with injured players all wearing shirts adorned with "BTB" in large block letters, dominated both sides of the ball in a 31-14 victory.

"You had to get the job done or that was it," coach Rick Neuheisel said Sunday during his weekly conference call with reporters. "That was the idea. And that’s where our football team was."

Neuheisel said he came up with the idea to have the injured players wear the shirts. The "BTB" writing was so large that it was conspicuous to anyone watching on television or even in the stands. Lots of guesses circulated about the meaning, such as "Back to Basics" or "Beat the Bears," but it turns out it was far more inspirational than that. Neuheisel hopes it will continue to be.

"I reminded them today that the boats are still burned," he said.

Other highlights from the call:

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Upon further review: Neuheisel Sunday call

October, 23, 2011
Coach Rick Neuheisel addressed the issue of his job security with his players over the weekend, telling them that they need to keep the focus on the field if they are to make this a successful season.

"I told them only that our job is to focus on what we can do on the field and to forget all that outside stuff," Neuheisel said Sunday during his weekly conference call with reporters. "Nothing can be accomplished by worrying about that stuff. We do the best we can and we have to have the right mindset to go forward and the mindset has to be about playing a complete football game and enjoying playing with one another and looking forward rather than looking backward."

Neuheisel's job status has been the subject of rampant debate since Thursday's 48-12 thrashing at Arizona in which the teams engaged in a bench-clearing brawl just before halftime. Neuheisel admittedly entered this season on the hot seat and Thursday's performance seemed to seal his fate.

Athletic director Dan Guerrero said he would not fire Neuheisel during the season, but that hasn't stopped the speculation the coach is going to be let go as soon as the season ends.

"That’s for someone else to talk about," Neuheisel said. "My focus is strictly on the task at hand, which is trying to get our team ready to play a great game against Cal and see if we can’t get our third conference win."

Other highlights from the call:

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UCLA season may now be beyond saving

October, 23, 2011
Normally after a loss such as UCLA's 48-12 embarrassment at Arizona on Thursday, a football team will try to regroup and put it in the past as quickly as possible.

This loss, however, is one that will haunt UCLA for the rest of the season.

The blowout loss stained the program for many reasons, may very well cost UCLA it's next game because of the brawl-related suspensions and all but assured that coach Rick Neuheisel, if he makes it through the season, will do so as a lame-duck coach.

To lay such a colossal egg when the team entered the game in the hunt for the Pac-12 South title is the type of bubble-bursting defeat from which a team may not recover. To try and recover with a coach who probably won't be around much longer is pretty much asking the impossible.

"We just weren’t expecting to be in this predicament that we’re in right now," quarterback Kevin Prince said. "It’s frustrating. It’s pretty bad. It doesn’t remove our goal of winning the Pac-12 South and playing for the championship, but it’s definitely a step backwards."

Lost in the fiasco at Arizona desert is the fact that, mathematically, UCLA is still in the driver's seat for the Pac-12 South title. Should the Bruins win out, it would mean victories over Arizona State and USC, the two teams ahead of the Bruins in the standings, and give UCLA the head-to-head tiebreakers over those teams.

Anyone who watched UCLA's meltdown, however, realizes that the team on the field Thursday night resembled anything but a conference-title contender. They gave up 573 total yards against a team that hadn't defeated an FBS team since the last time it played UCLA.

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Practice report: Monday quick hits

October, 17, 2011
UCLA held a night practice Monday, starting the session at about 6 p.m. and finishing at around 8. The accommodation had to be made because many of the Bruins' players have classes Monday afternoons. UCLA doesn't normally practice on Mondays, but did this week because the Bruins play a Thursday night game.

"Class schedule required a later start, but I was pleased with the way they came to work," coach Rick Neuheisel said.

The energy level didn't suffer much as the team showed fire and pep, especially early on. The fact the Bruins can get into a tie for first place in the Pac-12 South division with a victory Thursday has infused the team with a charge of excitement.

"Everybody is eager," receiver Nelson Rosario said. "We're ready. We know we're in a race right now and people are showing energy that they haven't previously shown. We know what's at stake coming up here."

A few tidbits:
  • Safety Tony Dye did not dress for practice after attempting to go on Sunday. Neuheisel said it didn't look as if he would be able to play Thursday and that they are still thinking about the possibility of redshirting him this season because of a nerve issue in his neck that creates numbness when Dye hits. "Obviously that’s dangerous and we’ve got to make sure that the folks that know do what’s right for Tony," Neuheisel said. "We just have to make sure what is the prudent thing to do as we go forward."
  • Neuheisel also ruled out cornerback Jamie Graham (knee) and safety Alex Mascarenas (concussion) from playing Thursday night.
  • Receiver Shaquelle Evans went full speed in practice and was out of the red no-contact jersey he wore Sunday, a sign that he has passed the concussion protocol and is OK to play Thursday.
  • Albert Cid and Chris Ward are locked into a battle for the starting strong side guard spot and they have alternated reps with the first team this week, but no favorite seems to have emerged. Said Neuheisel: "I like it when it’s close and I like when they keep clawing and trying and fighting for it and both become better players and consequently our depth gets better."
  • Johnathan Franklin appears to have regained an extra burst during the bye week. He had been nursing a bruised hip the last two weeks but flashed some excellent runs Monday night. After scoring on one run, he jogged back to the huddle and gave every offensive lineman a high five.
  • Kevin Prince had a bit of an off day at quarterback, throwing several interceptions in different drills. He had one in a red-zone drill where he threw into double coverage and Stan McKay picked it off, and another in the two-minute drill where Andrew Abbott picked off a swing pass in the flat and returned it for a touchdown. "There are some things we can fix, but the mistakes that were made were ones that are easily correctable," Neuheisel said. "We just can’t turn it over. That’s the key. We’ve got to keep working within his comfort zone to make sure that’s the case."

Practice report: Sunday quick hits

October, 16, 2011
Because of a Thursday night game this week at Arizona, UCLA's practice schedule has been moved up two days and the Bruins held a Sunday evening practice.

The Bruins usually take Sunday and Monday off, but the scheduling for Thursday night's ESPN game throws a bit of a wrench into game planning week. Monday's practice will take place at 6 p.m. accommodate the players who have classes on Monday afternoons.

"It’s always a little bit of a change from your normal routine and routine is everything in football, but I’m hopeful that our hunger to play well in this kind of setting will offset that," coach Rick Neuheisel said.

Despite the departure, the practice seemed to have the same energy level as a normal day at Spaulding Field and Neuheisel came away from the session happy.

"A very crisp practice," Neuheisel said. "I was pleased with the tempo, I was pleased with the way the kids are into it as well they should be. It’s exciting around here. We’ve got a big game on national television and if we can keep this thing rolling and play well this weekend, we can be in the thick of things so we’re excited about the opportunity."

A few tidbits:
  • Some of UCLA's injured players began trickling back. Cornerback Sheldon Price was pretty much full speed as he makes his way back from a sprained knee. Receiver Nelson Rosario was back from a sprained foot that kept him out of practice last week and receiver Shaquelle Evans was in a red no-contact jersey as he completes the school's concussion protocol. Offensive lineman Albert Cid, held out after feeling shortness of breath last week, was also back.
  • Safety Tony Dye, still fighting through a nerve issue in his neck, was dressed and in a red no-contact jersey but did not participate in any drills. Safety Alex Mascarenas (concussion) did not dress.
  • Receiver Randall Carroll again came to practice with two jerseys and did some work at cornerback with the first-team defense against the scout offense. He switched back to the offense when the first team offense went up against the first team defense.
  • The first incarnation of the two-minute drill didn't last very long because on the first play, quarterback Kevin Prince hit Evans on a short crossing route and Evans turned up the left sideline and outraced safety Tevin McDonald to the end zone for an 80-yard score. They reset and Prince connected with Cory Harkey for a gain of about 35 yards. After two more short gains, Tyler Gonzalez drilled a 32-yard field goal.

Practice report: Thursday quick hits

October, 13, 2011
UCLA finished it's bye week practice slate with another day in full pads that was capped with a live scrimmage between the scout teams.

Coach Rick Neuheisel said he was satisfied with what the team accomplished during the off week and got a good vibe from the team after sitting on last week's comeback victory over Washington State.

"I thought it was a really good week in terms of fundamentally, in terms of getting guys healthy and getting guys to look toward the future of the second half with the right mindset with respect to what is going to be required for us to compete the way we need to and be successful," Neuheisel said.

A few tidbits:
  • Brett Hundley ran the two-minute drill at the end of practice and completed seven of nine passes, including a touchdown to Corey Harkey on the final play. He appeared calm for someone running the drill for the first time and his passes were on the money for the most part. His two incomplete passes were a drop by Josh Smith and a spike to kill the clock. "What I know about Brett Hundley is that it’s not too big for him," Neuheisel said. "I don’t think the stage will--he’ll get out there and there will be some butterflies and there will be some plays that won’t go exactly as planned but I think he’ll respond and he’ll play really well if called upon."
  • Receiver Randall Carroll was getting some work with the defensive backs during seven-on-seven drills, going so far as to change jerseys into a the defensive blue rather than the offense's white. Carroll, who played defensive back in high school and was recruited as a defensive back to USC, said he's getting ready in case of an emergency because the Bruins have some injury issues in the defensive backfield. "I always wanted to try and play both, " Carroll said. "There is a chance I could play in the dime package. So I’m just getting more work as the days go on and then next year hopefully it’ll expand to more playing full time on both sides."
  • With some injury concerns on the offensive line, Wade Yandall got many of the reps first team reps and at strong side guard this week. Yandall, a redshirt freshman, has yet to play in a game, but could be called upon soon. "Hopefully this week has made an impression on the coaches and I can just be consistent and doing what I’m asked to do and hopefully I get to play next week," Yandall said. "A lot of times, I’ll show flashes of doing good things, but at the same time I’m not consistent with it. I've got to step up to that." Yandall had some opportunities during training camp, but that lack of consistency kept him from cracking the lineup. Neuheisel said he's getting closer. "It’s amazing when you give guys a chance to get up there with the first team again, how they respond after being away," Neuheisel said.
  • Kicker Tyler Gonzalez wasn't needed in the two-minute drill because the offense scored a touchdown, but he looked very good during warmups and the kicking drills at the start of practice. He made four of four attempts, including one from 50 yards.
  • Offensive lineman Albert Cid did not dress for practice for the second consecutive day. Cid left the field Tuesday complaining of a shortness of breath and is being held out for precautionary reasons.
  • Cornerback Sheldon Price, out the last two weeks with a sprained knee, was still wearing a brace and was in shorts and shoulder pads, but was more active in his work on the side. He was running forward and backward and also making some cuts.
  • Receiver Nelson Rosario (sprained foot) did not dress for practice but did some light running on the side. Receiver Shaquelle Evans (concussion), safeties Tony Dye (neck) and Alex Mascarenas (concussion) also did not dress for practice.
  • The defense dominated the live scout team scrimmage, with linebacker Aaron Wallace particularly impressive. Wallace had a couple of virtual sacks and at least two other tackles for a loss. Defensive end Sam Tai also had a few nice plays and defensive tackle Brandon Willis was a run-stuffing machine in the middle. Safety Anthony Thompson had an interception. The offense completed two long passes: One from Christoph Bono to Logan Sweet for a touchdown and another from Darius Bell to Jery Rice, Jr. Still, the defense dominated most of the scrimmage. "Looked like defense had their way today," Neuheisel said. "We didn’t do a very good job of pass blocking so I’d give the nod to the defense."

Practice report: Wednesday quick hits

October, 12, 2011
UCLA practiced through an unusually hot afternoon in Westwood, going in full pads for the second practice of the bye week.

The Bruins will practice again Thursday and then take Friday and Saturday off before beginning game-week preparations for Arizona on Sunday. UCLA plays in Tucson on Thursday, Oct. 20, so the game week gets moved up a couple of days.

"I thought our guys pushed through and we got a lot accomplished," coach Rick Neuheisel said. "I think we’ll feel real good about it when we look at the film. We’ll try to get one more of those tomorrow and then give them a couple of days off, get their legs back and away we go on Sunday."

Neuheisel said he and the coaching staff would spend the weekend recruiting.

"We'll try to get out and about to all the local hotshots and make sure they know the Bruins are alive and well and engaging all the top student athletes in the area," Neuheisel said. "It’s a busy time, an important time and I think an exciting time as well, so looking forward to it."

A few tidbits:
  • Brett Hundley got a little more time in the passing game but seems to have a tendency to lock on to his primary receiver. Neuheisel said that's normal for freshmen. "I think all young quarterbacks do," Neuheisel said. "You have an idea of what a pass play is supposed to look like and you go to where it normally goes. When that breaks down, the question is how quickly do you move on? But everybody starts that way. But I think he’s moving quickly through that. Is he ready to do that with everything we have in our offense? I don’t think so, but still I’m pleased with his progress."
  • Neuheisel is not pleased with the way Hundley is carrying the ball when he runs, however. For the second consecutive day, Neuheisel made Hundley do pushups because he didn't ave the ball tucked close to his body when scrambling away from pressure. "I just want him to understand that he’s playing at a different level and there are going to be strong guys trying to grab that ball and it’s important that he secure it," Neuheisel said.
  • Offensive lineman Albert Cid did not dress for practice. Cid left the practice field with shortness of breath Tuesday and it's thought that and an illness is the cause, so he was held out for precautionary reasons.
  • Offensive lineman Chris Ward went back to full speed after missing the last week because of a shoulder injury. He was playing mostly with the No. 2 offensive line, but got some reps at No. 1 guard as well.
  • Linebacker Glenn Love was participating in team drills for the first time since pulling a hamstring two weeks ago.
  • The receiving corps is still a little thin with Nelson Rosario again sitting out because of a sprained foot and Shaquelle Evans not dressed because of concussion symptoms. Jerry Johnson's on-again, off-again practice routine continued and he sat out.
  • Cornerback Sheldon Price dressed in shorts and shoulder pads only and did some light work on the side. Safeties Tony Dye (neck) and Alex Mascarenas (concussion) also remained out.
  • Defensive lineman Justin Edison was out of his red no-contact jersey, an indication that he has cleared the concussion protocol.

Alex Mascarenas sidelined by concussion

August, 17, 2011
Safety Alex Mascarenas left UCLA's football practice Wednesday afternoon because of a concussion and will be out indefinitely as he goes through the concussion protocol.

Mascarenas (5-10, 191), a sophomore, was hurt when he hit Cory Harkey during a team drill. His injury leaves the injury-depleted Bruins secondary even thinner.

Safeties Tony Dye (groin) and Tevin McDonald (ankle) have missed the last few days of practice. Cornerback Jamie Graham had surgery Wednesday to repair a torn meniscus and cornerback Anthony Jefferson had back surgery last month.

"We’ve got a lot of guys down," coach Rick Neuheisel said.

Early in camp, it looked as if safety would be one of UCLA's deepest positions, but now, Dietrich Riley, Dalton Hilliard, Stan McKay and freshman Anthony Thompson are the only healthy scholarship players at the position and may be the only ones available for Saturday's scrimmage. Only Riley and Hilliard have any playing experience at the position.

Defensive coordinator Joe Tresey says he is thankful that most of the injuries are not of the season-ending variety.

"Boy it got thin in a hurry," Tresey said. "But it's camp. It happens. As long as they’re not serious and you have the potential to get them back in a week, you’re OK at this point. Starting Monday, you don’t want that to happen. Right now you can take it knowing that they’ll get good rehab and they’ll get them back and going."

There is no set timetable for any of the injured players to return. McDonald tried to practice Wednesday morning, but "wasn't quite 100 percent," Neuheisel said. Dye hasn't dressed for practice since last Thursday and spent most of Wednseday riding a stationary bike.

"Hopefully we’ll get those guys back and healthy and get where we need to be," Neuheisel said.

In other injury news, reserve tight end John Young sat out Wednesday afternoon's practice because of a pulled hamstring. Offensive lineman Albert Cid missed more than half of practice because he had to deal with NCAA paperwork regarding his transfer from Citrus College. He resumed his role with the first team when he returned.

UCLA's O-line remains a work in progress

August, 17, 2011
UCLA came into fall camp with a big question mark at offensive line and the player juggling in recent days indicates that the coaching staff is still searching for answers.

Chris Ward, expected to be a starter at guard, was moved to the second team Tuesday with Albert Cid taking his spot. Wednesday, Cid, Ward and Greg Capella all took first team reps at the guard positions. It's all in an effort to shore up the shoddy pass protection from last season, a huge part of why UCLA finished the season ranked No. 116 in the nation in passing.

"A year ago, we were woeful in pass protection and it trickled down into the passing game and the end result was something I’ve never been a part of and I’m not going to be a part of it again if I can do anything about it," coach Rick Neuheisel said. "So we had to devote some time to pass protection. As we were trying to learn the new offense a year ago obviously we let that part of the game drift away and we can’t afford to do that."

Tackles Sean Sheller and Mike Harris are the only two returning starters from last season's offensive line and center Kai Maiava was a starter two years ago before a broken ankle forced him to the sidelines last season. That leaves the guard positions as the question marks for this year.

Ward got limited playing time last season and seemed to be a favorite for one of the spots, especially considering Capella is playing guard for the first time this season after spending last season as a center. Cid, a transfer from Citrus College, began practicing with UCLA only eight days ago.

"All three of them have shown flashes of being really good, all three have been inconsistent," Neuheisel said. "With Alberto it’s clear to understand, with Capella we just moved him to guard at the beginning of camp so it’s easy to understand.

"With Chris we just have to keep his feet moving. Chris is a very talented, good player, but right now he’s playing on one leg too often and he loses his power. A guy with that size needs to play with power."

Jeff Baca, considered the top offensive lineman on the team, is out for at least the first month of the season with a broken ankle, but when he returns there figures to be one fewer offensive line spot to go around. And that's just fine with Neuheisel.

"It creates competition," he said. "And that makes everybody play harder and makes everybody better."

Albert Cid moves to first team OL

August, 16, 2011
Citrus College transfer Albert Cid worked with the first team offensive line Tuesday, ascending the depth chart only one week after his transfer to UCLA was approved.

Cid (6-2, 330) replaced sophomore Chris Ward at the strong side guard position.

"I was happy because it was an opportunity and I didn’t want to let this opportunity slip away," Cid said. "I want to make the most of it."

Offensive line coach Bob Palcic used junior college transfers Ryan Taylor and Eddie Williams the last two seasons, but he said Cid got up to speed much more quickly than expected.

"He’s coming along faster than I thought he would," Palcic said. "It took Eddie Williams three or four games to get going and same thing with Ryan Taylor, but Alberto is progressing faster than I anticipated, to be honest."

Cid acknowledged that he wasn't yet in playing shape, but said it's easier to play when you line up next to experienced linemen such as center Kai Maiava and string side tackle Mike Harris.

"Today I felt really comfortable with Kai and Mike Harris," Cid said. "Kai was making all the calls and he was doing all the thinking, I just have to play."

And he did that just fine, according to Palcic.

"I think he can be a real good player," Palcic said. "I thought he did a decent job in there. He’s going to be a good football player. He’s a big strong kid and has good mobility and likes to play. He’s everything I thought he was when I watched him on junior college tape."

UCLA welcomes a pair of new players

August, 9, 2011
UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel on Tuesday officially welcomed offensive lineman Albert Cid and defensive back Jamie Graham to the football team after both players cleared the UCLA admissions process and both players participated in practice on the second day of fall camp.

Cid (6-4, 330) is an offensive lineman who played last season at Citrus College and Graham (6-0, 195) played defensive back for three seasons at Vanderbilt.

They are welcome additions for UCLA, which is thin at both offensive line and defensive back.

Graham is more game ready of the two as camp gets underway because he played under defensive coordinator Jamie Bryan, who is close friends with UCLA defensive coordinator Joe Tresey and uses a similar defensive system at Vanderbilt.

"Every call is the exact same," Graham said. "I went in there the first day and I looked at the calls and I was like, 'Oh, OK.' So not much studying going on right now."

Cid has spent the past six weeks finishing up summer school classes so he would meet the UCLA admissions requirements so he acknowledged that he has had much time to get into football shape. He said he 330 pound right now and would like to get down to 315 by the end of camp.

"Right now it’s about getting in shape," he said. "I’ll pick up the playbook quick and then from there they’ll be able to determine how fast I’ll play."

Cid said he played in a zone blocking scheme at Citrus, so that knowledge should help him at UCLA, who also uses zone blocking. Offensive line coach Bob Palcic said Cid is a welcome addition to his thin troops, but won't expect too much too soon.

"We’ve just got to take one step at a time and be patient," Palcic said. "He has the athletic skills and he runs well and he’s strong but there’s a long learning curve that he has to work on."

There is also a spot on the offensive line that is up for grabs. Projected starter Jeff Baca is out for at least the first month of the season as he recovers from a broken ankle and freshman Wade Yandall has been taking reps at that spot, but it appears to be a spot that's till up for grabs.

"My expectations are to get in shape as fast as I can within two or three weeks and from there I’ll know the playbook and then I should be fighting for a starting position," Cid said.

He added that it was "a dream come true" to be at UCLA.

"It’s overwhelming," he said. "I was packing up my stuff I was like ‘I’m going to college. I’m going to be a Division I football player now."

Lineman Albert Cid officially joins UCLA

August, 9, 2011
Depth on the UCLA offensive line is a bit of a concern as fall camp gets underway, but the Bruins got some good news in that regard Tuesday when Citrus College transfer Albert Cid was admitted to UCLA and cleared to practice.

Cid (6-4, 320) committed to UCLA in May after earning all-conference honors as a freshman last season, but needed to clear the UCLA admissions process so he missed the first day of fall camp on Monday. He is expected to practice Tuesday and will have three years of eligibility at UCLA.

His presence will help shore up a line that is already down a man with projected starter Jeff Baca out for at least a month with a broken ankle. The Bruins already have sophomore Chris Ward and freshman Wade Yandall in the first team offensive line and have very little in terms of experienced linemen beyond starters Mike Harris, Kai Maiava and Sean Sheller.

Cid will immediately enter the competition with Ward and Yandall for one of the guard positions. Last year, UCLA used two junior college transfers as offensive line starters: Ryan Taylor and Eddie Williams.

Depth chart review: Offensive Line

August, 5, 2011
With UCLA preparing to open fall camp on August 8, we will break down the depth charts at each position in order to look at how the Bruins stack up heading into this season. We've previously looked at quarterbacks and defensive line. Now we move to the offensive line.

Current depth chart:


Sean Sheller (Sr., 6-5, 304)

Connor Bradford (Jr., 6-6, 275)


Jeff Baca (Jr., 6-4, 305)

Casey Griffiths (So., 6-4, 284)


Kai Maiava (Sr., 6-1, 318)

Greg Capella (So., 6-3, 292)

Kody Innes (Fr., 6-4, 291)


Chris Ward (So., 6-4, 330)

Wade Yandall (Fr., 6-4, 328)


Mike Harris (Sr., 6-5, 326)

Brett Downey (Jr., 6-7, 290)

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B. Hundley392271315522
P. Perkins25115756.39
B. Hundley1596444.110
J. Payton6795414.27
D. Fuller594477.61