Show me the way to Pullman

UCLA has won 16 consecutive games in Pullman, Wash., heading into Thursday night's matchup with Washington State.

Getting to Pullman has been the tough part over the years.

The Bruins depart on a 12-hour trip from Los Angeles to Pullman on Wednesday afternoon. Coach Ben Howland said the team will not charter a plane straight to Pullman as it had the previous two years. Instead, stops in Seattle and Spokane are in order before UCLA takes a bus for the final 80 miles of the trip.

That's if everything goes according to plan.

"Assuming all our flights go OK and there's no problem driving from Spokane to Pullman," Howland said.

Meanwhile, Washington State coach Ken Bone was not aware of UCLA's 16-game streak when he was asked about it during Tuesday's weekly news conference.

"They must have a good team," Bone said. "In regards to travel, it is dif´Čücult compared to the other schools. I think a lot of it has to do with that UCLA has been a great program and I’m sure that they have won a lot of different places, but 16 in a row?"