Robey, the defense and the 2-minute drill

It was a thoughtful, insightful response from USC's standout corner, Nickell Robey, as those surrounding the team have come to expect from him by now.

Asked after Sunday's scrimmage at the Coliseum what the most noticeable difference between the 2010 Trojan defense and the 2011 version will be, Robey was quick to volunteer that USC will be significantly better against the two-minute offense at the end of halves.

Whether he's right or not will only be determined by time. But he's right on one thing, certainly: Last year's team was seriously hurt by its inability to stop teams late in games. A few small changes there and that team could easily have gone 10-3, not 8-5.

See the video of Robey speaking to the media here, complete with that answer and more: