Grades: Arizona-USC


Matt Barkley set a new career-high for passing yards, Robert Woods just missed setting a new school record for receiving yards and Marqise Lee officially broke out, so this has to be a top-notch grade. A number of receivers were worked into the offense.


There was really nothing doing for the first three quarters of this one, as Marc Tyler struggled and no other backs were given chances. Once the score got out of hand, the run game started working, but how much is that worth?


A better day for the offensive line, which gave Barkley some time to marinate in the pocket on a few key deep balls and kept him off the ground, but the defensive line didn't sack Arizona quarterback Nick Foles until midway through the fourth quarter.


The only thing saving this from a failing grade is the two interceptions by T.J. McDonald in the first half. If not for those, this defense probably would have given away the game and would have at earned at least a "D" by giving up 41 points.


Andre Heidari made both of his field goals, including a nice 46-yarder in the first quarter. Kyle Negrete didn't have to punt all game, which has to be a positive but can't boost the rating. There were no breakdowns from the return team.


Lane Kiffin's game plan clearly worked, getting the ball to Woods early and then focusing on the other receivers when the Wildcats started to focus on him. But why does he wait until the second half to give USC's most effective runner, Curtis McNeal, the ball?