USC: Jeremy Lin

Gibson, DeRozan on USA Select team

May, 21, 2012
Two former USC Trojans were officially named to the 13-man USA Men's Select Team roster on Monday, meaning they'll practice against the U.S. Olympic squad for six days in July to help train the eventual international competitors.

Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson and Toronto Raptors swingman DeMar DeRozan were the two ex-Trojans selected. They join a roster of young NBA players like New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving, as well as former USC nemesis Klay Thompson, now coming off his rookie year for the Golden State Warriors.

Gibson, who will turn 27 before the July 6-11 camp in Las Vegas, is the oldest of the 13 players. He just finished his third season with the Bulls and averaged 7.7 points and 5.2 rebounds as a reserve forward.

DeRozan put up 16.7 points per game for the Raptors last season, second on the squad. He also just finished his third season, as both players were drafted in the first round of the 2009 NBA draft -- DeRozan ninth and Gibson 26th.

Gibson will be up against established NBA forwards like LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love and Blake Griffin in camp; DeRozan will be matched up with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Andre Iguodala.

Getting named to the US Select Team is often considered the first step to eventual consideration for the Olympic team.

Matt Barkley and Jeremy Lin

February, 16, 2012
Try this for a connection.

Back in March 2006, now-New York Knicks phenomenon Jeremy Lin won the CIF state championship for Palo Alto High in a huge upset over Santa Ana Mater Dei. That has become public knowledge over the last two weeks as America looks for a sign that somebody -- anywhere -- saw this coming from Lin.

Well, that may or may not be true. But one thing certainly is: Watching on television that night was USC quarterback Matt Barkley, then a freshman at Mater Dei. After a little prodding in an interview on Thursday, Barkley remembered the game well and even remembered Lin specifically as the Asian-American guard who terrorized his Monarchs.

Barkley said he's keeping abreast about what Lin has done over the past two weeks, even if he's not the biggest basketball fan.

"I haven't watched a full game of his, just seen the highlights, but from what I hear, he's destroying the league and it kind of came out of nowhere," Barkley said. "I haven't been able to watch a lot of basketball recently, I've been swamped with school and everything. But I've seen the highlights and I saw ESPN was saying 130 points in his first five games is a record."

Barkley, of course, identifies himself as a Christian, as does Lin.



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