Washington State moves ahead, 58-55

Washington State has taken a 58-55 lead with 2:51 to go in the game here at the Galen Center.

The Cougars have outscored the Trojans 32-19 in the second half, with Nikola Koprivica and Reggie Moore leading the charge with 11 and nine points.

USC's Dwight Lewis has been held scoreless, but the Trojans got a big 3-pointer from Mike Gerrity and solid post play from Alex Stepheson to stay close. Marcus Johnson has a team-high 16 points on 8-of-12 shooting.

The Cougars have four second-half 3-pointers to the Trojans' one.

On a funny note, with 9:43 left in the half, WSU's DeAngelo Casto missed what looked to be an easy dunk attempt. The next time he touched the ball on that end of the court, he was at the free-throw line. The now-somewhat-rambunctious student section proceeded to chant at him "You can't dunk, you can't dunk."

After he missed the first shot at the line, the chorus changed to, "You can't shoot, you can't shoot."

He made the next one, and the crowd reverted to the dunk quip the next time he came to the line.