LOS ANGELES -- Kermit Washington, a former NBA player who notoriously gave a bone-breaking face punch to the Houston Rockets' Rudy Tomjanovich during a 1977 Lakers game, has been arrested by federal agents.

Washington was arrested on a warrant Tuesday in Los Angeles. It's unknown if he has a lawyer.

Officials would not discuss the arrest, but they have set a news conference for Wednesday in Kansas City, Missouri.

That's where football Hall of Famer Ron Mix pleaded guilty Monday to filing false tax returns.

Authorities say Mix, a San Diego-area lawyer, paid someone to refer clients to him in return for donations to the charity Contact Project Africa.

Prosecutors say Mix paid $155,000, but the money went into his associate's pocket.

Washington founded the charity, which is no longer functioning.

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Take a look back at some of the signature moves from current and past NBA greats.

Brian ShawHyoung Chang/The Denver Post/Getty ImagesThe last time Brian Shaw was on an NBA bench, he was the head coach of the Nuggets.

Brian Shaw will join the Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff as Luke Walton's associate head coach, sources told ESPN.

A former Lakers assistant under Phil Jackson, Shaw previously was the head coach of the Denver Nuggets, but he was fired in the middle of the past season. He compiled a 56-85 record in less than two seasons at the helm.

Like Walton, Shaw is a former Lakers player who moved to the bench following his playing career. Walton played for the Lakers during Shaw's time as an assistant with the franchise, and the team won two titles during that span.

Shaw has also served as an assistant coach with the Indiana Pacers.

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With Shaq now in the rearview, three all-time NBA greats stand in LeBron's way.

Kobe BryantRuss Isabella/USA TODAY SportsKobe Bryant joked that he has "unfair advantages" in his newfound career running a publishing and production company because he "can pick up the phone" and get advice from Hollywood icons like Steven Spielberg.

BEVERLY HILLS, California -- Kobe Bryant is getting advice from Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams and Jerry Bruckheimer as he redirects his competitive drive from professional basketball to his publishing and production company.

One month after retiring from the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers star has a new daily routine. "I get up early and I train and I work out. Then I go to the office," Bryant said in an interview.

He spends much of his day "kicking around ideas" with his staff of 10 full-time employees at Newport Beach, California-based Kobe Inc. -- and calls up those Hollywood heavyweights for guidance.

"I mean those are like unfair advantages," Bryant said, laughing. "I can pick up the phone and speak to them and ask them questions: `What do you think about the story? What is this missing?' And they'll nitpick every single detail and I love it."

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Karl-Anthony Towns and Kristaps PorzingisMike Stobe/Getty ImagesTimberwolves forward and NBA Rookie of the Year, Karl-Anthony Towns (32), and Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis (6) were unanimous selections to the NBA's All-Rookie first team.

NEW YORK -- Minnesota Timberwolves forward Karl-Anthony Towns and New York Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis have been unanimously selected to the NBA All-Rookie first team.

Both players received all 130 first-team votes from a panel of sports writers and broadcasters in the United States and Canada.

Towns was the rookie of the year and led all rookies in scoring (18.3 points per game) and rebounding (10.5 per game). Porzingis was third among rookies in scoring (14.3), second in rebounding (7.3) and first in blocks (1.86). He was the first Knicks rookie to score at least 1,000 points in a season since Mark Jackson in 1987-88.

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Every year ESPN attends individual workouts for prospects as they prepare for the NBA draft.

This week, I saw Brandon Ingram, Jamal Murray and Thon Maker, and talked to NBA scouts and GMs.

Here's what I've learned so far.

Brandon Ingram, F, Fr., Duke

Thursday's Lakers Links: Shaw may join Walton's staff

May, 19, 2016
May 19
By ESPN.com

Brian Shaw considering offer to join Luke Walton's Lakers coaching staff: Brian Shaw has been offered a spot on Luke Walton’s Lakers coaching staff, but the former Phil Jackson lieutenant and Denver Nuggets head coach said he is still weighing his next move. -- The Orange County Register

What will Lakers do with No. 2 pick?: The anxiety finally melted away. The Los Angeles Lakers no longer have to worry if they will have to trade their lottery pick to the Philadelphia 76ers. For the second consecutive year, the Lakers both landed at No. 2 and delayed experiencing another consequence of the ill-fated Steve Nash deal. -- Los Angeles Daily News

Metta World Peace to speak at free mental health event in El Monte: Fans will have a chance to meet and hear Metta World Peace speak, and the issues will prove far more important than his stint with the Lakers that included a significant role in winning the 2010 NBA Finals. World Peace plans to speak about mental health issues at an event open to the public for free at El Monte airport on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. -- Los Angeles Daily News

Lakers' draft decision should be easy: Take who's left between Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons: The Lakers probably won't have much to decide in next month's draft. They'll likely take whoever Philadelphia passes up, be it Duke's Brandon Ingram or Louisiana State's Ben Simmons, freshman forwards who couldn't be any more different, causing much more work for Philadelphia with the top pick than the Lakers at No. 2. -- Los Angeles Times

Shaquille O'NealMike Pont/WireImage/Getty ImagesShaquille O'Neal has signed on as the first athlete spokesman of The General, an auto insurance company he used in the late '80s to cover his Ford Bronco II while playing at LSU.

Shaquille O'Neal has landed yet another endorsement deal, this time thanks to a past connection.

The center-turned-broadcaster, who will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in September, has signed on as the first athlete spokesman of The General, an auto insurance company O'Neal used in the late '80s to cover his Ford Bronco II while playing at LSU.

"I got the car for $2,200 and my dad said, 'Now you need insurance,'" O'Neal recalled. "I remember asking him what insurance was and why I needed it and eventually had a policy with The General."

O'Neal was talking at an event last July for American Family Insurance, and while there he found out that American Family owned The General, which handled the higher-risk side of the business, often for people with lower credit scores.

At the time, the company was using a combination of an animated character and celebrity spokespeople to pitch its insurance, but they decided to forge a partnership with O'Neal, whose endorsement career has involved several deals with value brands.

He has a line of suits at Macy's, a jewelry line at Zales, and his Shaq-brand shoes sell for $19.99 to $39.99.

"We share the same values as Shaq," said John Hollar, president of The General. "We are both authentic, fun and approachable, and we care about both value and quality."

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Ramona Shelburne explains how happy the Lakers were to keep their pick in the first round and who they could draft with the second overall pick.

When Tuesday began, Melbourne, Australia, native Ben Simmons didn't know whether he'd be the top overall pick of the NBA's draft next month. He still doesn't. But after the Philadelphia 76ers landed the first pick Tuesday via the lottery -- and the Los Angeles Lakers stayed put at No. 2 -- at least Simmons knows which team will be making the decision.

What do the lottery results mean for Simmons' NBA future? Let's consider the pros of the Lakers and the Sixers, FAQ style.

Will Simmons be the first pick?

ESPN's Chad Ford thinks so, but it's not a sure thing. Throughout the college season and subsequent draft process, Duke's Brandon Ingram has gained on Simmons in more and more prospect rankings, and passed him on some.

What makes the comparison between Simmons and Ingram so compelling is that they are very different players. Simmons is a point guard in a big forward's body. He's already got an NBA body type, though his relative lack of wingspan has some concerned about his defensive potential. Still, he's a great passer and rebounder. His weak spot is a big one: Simmons is a lackluster outside shooter.

Meanwhile, Ingram has an elite 7-foot-3 wingspan that marks him as a premier defensive prospect and a perfect fit for the NBA small forward position. He's very young and thin and will need to develop his body. He's not as athletic as Simmons, but he is a much better shooter.

It may come down to fit, though the teams at the top of the NBA draft tend to opt for the player they feel has the greatest long-term upside. Ford thinks that's Simmons. If the Sixers think differently, the Lakers will gladly pounce on him with the second pick.

Which team will get Simmons on the court quicker and more often?

It's a tie. The Sixers have more options at Simmons' position but have a dire need for the kind of passing he can provide. Simmons is more physically mature than Ingram and will see plenty of time as a rookie no matter where he goes.

Is the on-court playing style of Sixers or Lakers better-suited for Simmons?

The Lakers have hired a new coach in Luke Walton and for the first time in 20 years will begin a season without Kobe Bryant

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Brett BrownAP Photo/Julie JacobsonLotto love: Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak (center) and the Celtics' Isaiah Thomas (right) congratulate 76ers coach Brett Brown.

NEW YORK -- John Black paused along the buffet line, spooning sliced cucumbers and dressing onto a lonely plate. The Los Angeles Lakers' vice president of public relations then spotted a friend of three-plus decades, Pat Williams, an executive with the Orlando Magic, filling up at the coffee station.

"Boy," Williams told Black, clasping his arm, "there is tension in the room tonight."

Black nodded. He asked aloud if any team had ever faced the Lakers' all-or-nothing odds: They'd preserve their draft pick if it fell among the top three slots, or, if it sunk below that range, they'd lose it altogether to the Philadelphia 76ers. Such a scenario would have left the Lakers with nothing to show for suffering through their worst season in franchise history, which, Black admitted, would have been "brutal."

The Lakers teetered on a similar tightrope at last year's NBA draft lottery, only with a bit more margin for error. At the time, after an abysmal 2014-15 campaign, they only risked losing their first-round pick to the 76ers -- thanks, in a convoluted way, to the 2012 Steve Nash trade with Phoenix -- if the pick fell outside the top five slots.

There was only a 17 percent chance of such a situation unfolding a year ago, but it still would have been catastrophic, hence Black suffered through a sleepless night filled with worry before representing the Lakers in the secluded lottery drawing room at the New York Hilton Midtown, where 14 pingpong balls whirred around a clear glass drum to determine the NBA draft order in June.

But by the end of that night, Black beamed. Lottery luck had blessed the Lakers: Instead of coming up empty, they moved up two spots and landed the No. 2 pick, which they used to draft guard D'Angelo Russell

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Lakers' new chant is 'We're No. 2!' ... and it feels like a winner: It was a replay of December's Miss Universe pageant disguised as an NBA draft lottery ceremony. The Lakers were initially announced as the first runner-up. But in reality, they won. On a nailbiting night when the Philadelphia 76ers were awarded the first pick in the June draft, the Lakers were given something far more valuable, and without the Steve Harvey howl. -- Los Angeles Times

Lakers survive the drama of draft lottery and will have the second pick in the NBA draft: Teams have dreams of moving up in the NBA draft lottery. Not the Lakers. They were elated to stay where they were. After finishing with the NBA’s second-worst record, the Lakers ended up with the second overall pick in next month’s draft, courtesy of four ping-pong balls drawn out of a plastic hopper with a 2-3-7-14 combination, one of 199 assigned to the Lakers ahead of time. -- Los Angeles Times

Simmons or Ingram? Who is the better fit for Lakers?: The basketball gods have smiled down on the Lakers yet again, granting them an NBA lottery pick that just may help push them out of their recent doldrums. And as the Lakers’ fortunes would have it, they will pick second in the NBA draft for the second consecutive year. -- Los Angeles Times

Lakers’ Mitch Kupchak weathers ‘unnecessary’ drama before landing No. 2 pick: The poker face stayed the same as Mitch Kupchak weathered his seemingly endless anxieties. The Lakers’ general manager looked that way as he sat on the dais at the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday, mindful the team could have lost a coveted draft pick. Kupchak looked that way once it became official the Lakers landed the No. 2 pick and avoided sending it to Philadelphia for the second consecutive year. -- Los Angeles Daily News

Tales from the NBA draft lottery

May, 17, 2016
May 17

For a moment in the closed-off lottery drawing room, there is real suspense. The machine with the 14 pingpong balls inside flips on, the balls fly around, and a timekeeper with his back to it waits 20 seconds before raising his hand, the signal for the operator to suck up the first ball.

Those 20 seconds last forever. In that 20 seconds anything is possible for 14 franchises. Even if you have no stake in the outcome, you get butterflies in your stomach. And then, in a snap, it was over: The machine spit out the "1" ball, and a quick scan of your handy-dandy lottery guide showed the Sixers owned 250 of the 286 four-number combinations featuring the number one. Finally, after three years of endless, historic losing, the Sixers were about to hit paydirt.

When it was time to draw the second four-number combination, and determine the owner of the No. 2 pick, the machine again started the sequence by spitting out a "1." Another Philly combination, forcing the league to scrap that second draw and start over. That would have been the ultimate revenge for Sam Hinkie, Philly's deposed GM who resigned rather than accept what would have in effect been a demotion: the lottery machine picking the Sixers over and over, delaying the results so long the NBA would not be able to go forward with the televised lottery reveal scheduled an hour after the real thing.

Before the drawing, Bryan Colangelo, the Sixers new GM, told ESPN.com he would contact Hinkie if the Sixers won the No. 1 pick.

"It's unfortunate that Sam isn't here to be a part of this," Colangelo said. "But it was his choice."

Colangelo could relate, he said. He stepped down when the Raptors fired him as GM and then coaxed him into an advisory position alongside his successor, Masai Ujiri.

"I walked away just the same way," Colangelo said, "but maybe without as much, um, fanfare."

Two hours later, the Sixers could finally celebrate something.

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ESPN's Chad Ford looks at the winners and losers from the Draft Lottery.



Kobe Bryant
17.6 2.8 0.9 28.2
ReboundsJ. Randle 10.2
AssistsM. Huertas 3.4
StealsD. Russell 1.2
BlocksR. Hibbert 1.4