Examining NBA's fast -- and slow -- starts

Curry's Warriors and Cousins' Kings are off to red-hot starts. How long can they keep it up? Garrett Ellwood/NBAE/Getty Images

As we inch closer to another Power Rankings Monday, your faithful committee (of one) is already starting its computing.

And it sure helps when your Sunday brunch includes a surprise heads-up from a research-minded pal like ESPN.com's Adam Reisinger, who has helpfully passed along a handy list that puts some of the good (and bad) starts we've seen into some historical perspective.

Entering Sunday's play:

The highs

Golden State Warriors: 5-0 start is the Warriors' best since they went 5-0 in 1994-95. They finished 26-56 that season.

Memphis Grizzlies: 6-1 start is the Grizzlies' best in team history.

Houston Rockets: 6-1 is the Rockets' best start since a 6-1 launch in 2007-08, when they went 55-27 and reeled off an unforgettable 22 straight wins in one stretch.

Toronto Raptors: 5-1 start is the best in franchise history.

Sacramento Kings: 5-1 start is the Kings' best since they opened up at 9-1 in 1999-2000, when they ultimately faded to 44-38.

Washington Wizards: 5-2 start is the Wizards' best since they went 5-1 in 2005-06, when they finished 42-40.

Chicago Bulls: 5-2 start is the Bulls' best since a 7-1 start in 2011-12. They finished 50-16 in that lockout-shortened season.

The lows

Denver Nuggets: It's actually the Nuggets' second straight 1-4 start.

Oklahoma City Thunder: 1-5 is the Thunder's worst start since they went 1-14 in 2008-09 in the club's first season in OKC.

New York Knicks: 2-5 is the Knicks' worst start since a 1-9 start in 2009-10 that set the tone for a 29-53 season.

Indiana Pacers: 1-6 is the Pacers' worst start since they went 1-6 in 1993-94, when they rallied to post a 47-35 mark.

Los Angeles Lakers: ‎0-5 is the Lakers' worst start in Los Angeles and their worst since they went 0-7 in 1957-58 in Minneapolis‎.

Philadelphia 76ers: 0-6 is the Sixers' worst start since a 0-15 start in 1972-73 ... which, of course, was Philly's 9-73 season.