5-on-5: What does future hold for Knicks?

This is an excerpt from today's 5-on-5:

1. What's your reaction to Raymond Felton's arrest?

Can't imagine that even those who delight in the punching bag that the Knicks have become will enjoy seeing a story that strays this far off the court. It's one thing to be writing about the Knicks' mighty struggles before the trade deadline to find any team willing to take on Felton's contract or the sharp decline in his productivity. No one wants to cover sad stories like this.

2. Have the Knicks hit rock bottom?

I remember the wise advice I used to get from editors at The Dallas Morning News when I was covering the late-'90s Mavericks before they acquired Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash on the same day and before Mark Cuban bought the team. The Mavs were universally regarded as the decade's worst franchise in North American professional sports, and I can still remember the lecture I got one day for writing that the Mavs had bottomed out. "Never underestimate the Mavs' ability to go even lower," is what they used to tell me. I'd say the same disclaimers apply to the Knicks today.

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