5-on-5: Opening playoffs weekend rewind

This is an excerpt from today's 5-on-5:

What was the most pleasant surprise of the opening weekend?

Pretty much every game delivered some legit drama. Five road teams won Game 1 for the first time in the history of the 16-team playoff format introduced in 1983-84, and it could have been six if Dallas didn't close (and start) so meekly at San Antonio. OKC's win over Memphis, which featured the most lopsided final score of the first eight games, was a circus in itself thanks to the Grizzlies' third-quarter scramble. Good times.

What was the biggest disappointment of the opening weekend?

Injuries. As always. Al Jefferson needing multiple shots in his left foot to get through Game 1 not only doomed Charlotte's chances Sunday but also endangers any hope of a competitive series if the injury, as expected, limits the Bobcats' top scorer from here. Houston's playoff ceiling is likewise far lower if Patrick Beverley's re-injury proves as serious as it looked.

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