Talking points: Chris Paul's place in history

This is an excerpt from today's edition of 5-on-5:

Is Chris Paul the greatest point guard since Magic Johnson?

Stein: Headed that direction for sure. He has emerged as the clear-cut best point guard in the game at a time when there are quality point guards almost everywhere you look, and he can change the game defensively. Even as the biggest Steve Nash devotee on the staff, I know my guy's limitations. CP3 has the whole package.

Will CP3 surpass Oscar Robertson in the all-time point guard rankings?

Stein: I give him a chance, sure, since I'm a believer in the Kevin Garnett doctrine of "anything is possssssssibullllllll!" But I have to say that it does bug me that CP3's odds here would be boosted by the fact that so many of us never really saw The Big O. It's tough for Robertson to get his due from the fans of today and future generations because there's so little footage available to remind us how good he really was. I was gratified to see The Big O end up No. 2 in our all-time point guard rankings in 2006, but let's be honest: How many voters had actually ever seen him? That was all done on numbers. We all have a fair idea of how Bob Cousy played, but it's a shame we can't say the same about The Big O.

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