Dolphins update: Wake's status up in the air

DAVIE, Fla. -- The Miami Dolphins' players had “victory Monday” off after improving to 3-0 with a win over the Atlanta Falcons. However, head coach Joe Philbin and his assistants met with the media on Monday.

Here are several notes from the head coach and coordinators:

  • Miami's coaches didn't provide much of an injury update. The biggest ailment is the knee injury to Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Wake, and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle described it as “wait and see.” The Dolphins will keep an eye on his progress during the week. I talked to Wake briefly in the locker room and he thinks he has a chance to play next Monday. But that's the usual nature of players. “We're going to wait and see how the week progresses,” Coyle said. “We've got a long week ahead of us, and I think we will make that determination at the end of the week.”

  • Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman clarified quarterback Ryan Tannehill's statement Sunday that he called the play on the final touchdown pass. Tannehill said he suggested the play to Sherman during the timeout and he called it. Sherman said Monday that he already had the play dialed up before Tannehill suggested it. Tannehill just provided Sherman confirmation that the two were on the same page.

  • As expected, tackling was a major topic on Monday. Both Philbin and Coyle mentioned that as a major area the Dolphins need to improve in Week 4 against the Saints. The Falcons rushed for 146 yards and averaged 4.9 yards per carry. “We missed a lot of tackles in the ballgame,” Coyle said. “That was not good. It was disappointing.”

  • Sherman defended Miami's shaky pass protection after allowing five sacks against Atlanta. According to Sherman, the blame can be spread around. “I don't think our quarterback is getting hit a lot. We're giving up a lot of sacks -- a lot more than we wanted to give up,” Sherman explained. “It's not all on the offensive line. You can attribute two of those sacks to me.”