Miami Dolphins' top 10 salaries for 2016

The Miami Dolphins enter the offseason with an inflated payroll for 2016. The team must slash salaries to get enough room under the salary cap to make improvements.

Miami’s front office, led by vice president Mike Tannenbaum, will begin making roster cuts and restructures over the next three weeks before the new league year begins in March.

Here is a look at the Dolphins' top 10 highest salaries for 2016 via ESPN’s Roster Management System:

The Dolphins will have to make changes among these top salaries to create enough necessary room to improve. Tannenbaum already said at the Senior Bowl that the team will explore restructuring Suh’s franchise record $114 million contract. That would likely come in the form of turning most of his $23.5 million salary into a bonus. Other players such as Coples ($7.751) and Cameron ($7.5 million) are unlikely to return.