Miami morning take: Martin, Incognito

Here are the most interesting Miami Dolphins stories Friday from around the web:

  • Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald takes a look at the recent statement made by Jonathan Martin’s attorney.

Morning take: There are strong allegations of harassment and it mentions various teammates. Expect both sides to play hardball in the upcoming weeks and possibly months.

Morning take: We are just getting into the teeth of this story. This major part will be the NFL’s investigation and report when all the details come out.

Morning take: The reaction from Miami’s locker room has been one of the most interesting developments in this story. This is a strong case study into NFL culture.

Morning take: Incognito reportedly became an “honorary” African American in Miami’s locker room, and that has led to some of the issues between Incognito and Martin. This is one of the many layers to explore.