Dolphins film review: Seven sacks

The Miami Dolphins allowed seven sacks in an ugly, 19-0, loss to the Buffalo Bills. It was Miami's worst pass protection of the season during a franchise record-setting 58 sacks allowed.

We took a second look at the game film to examine who was to blame for each sack. Here is what we found:

Sack No. 1: First quarter at 13:44 mark

Analysis: The day got off to an awful start for the Miami offense. On the Dolphins' opening drive, quarterback Ryan Tannehill was sacked on third down with a slot blitz by Da'Norris Searcy. Miami starting running back Lamar Miller was pummeled by Searcy and lost the one-on-one matchup.

Blame game: Miller

Sack No. 2: First quarter at 9:06

Analysis: On Miami's second drive, Tannehill is sacked on third down again. Buffalo defensive tackle Kyle Williams runs a stunt outside and gets one-on-one with Miami tailback Daniel Thomas. Williams, who outweighs Thomas by at least 80 pounds, runs through Thomas in a mismatch and easily gets Tannehill.

Blame game: Thomas

Sack No. 3: Second quarter at 11:21 mark

Analysis: On third down -- noticing the trend? -- Buffalo brings another blitz Miami and Tannehill's first read on a slant to receiver Mike Wallace isn't there. A few seconds later, Buffalo defensive end Mario Williams beats Miami left tackle Bryant McKinnie for a sack.

Blame game: McKinnie

Sack No. 4: Second quarter at 2:00 mark

Analysis: The Bills call the slot blitz on third down. Nickell Robey gets a 5-yard head start and timed up the snap count perfectly to quickly sack Tannehill. Due to cadence, the play never had a chance.

Blame game: Tannehill

Sack No. 5: Third quarter at 11:21 mark

Analysis: Jerry Hughes gets into the action. Buffalo's defensive end beats speed rushes past McKinnie, who has trouble moving his feet. Hughes sacks Tannehill for minus-8 yards.

Blame game: McKinnie

Sack No. 6: Fourth quarter at 11:56 mark

Analysis: Williams gets his second sack by running the same stunt he ran in the first quarter. McKinnie is caught inside and doesn't release, allowing Williams a free shot on Tannehill, who injures his knee on the play.

Blame game: McKinnie

Sack No. 7: Fourth quarter at 5:31 mark

Analysis: Buffalo brings the slot blitz again with Robey and catches the Dolphins. Miami tight end Charles Clay does the wrong assignment on his blitz pickup and confuses Thomas, who runs into Tannehill and assists the Robey sack.

Blame game: Clay

Final tally: McKinnie (three points), Miller (one point), Thomas (one point), Tannehill (one point), Clay (one point)

There is plenty of blame to go around when a team allows seven sacks. But McKinnie had perhaps his worst game since being acquired by the Dolphins near the trade deadline. McKinnie and the rest of the offense must do a better job on their blitz pickups this week against the New York Jets, who run a similar defensive scheme.