Brent Grimes on Cromartie: 'It's just talk'

DAVIE, Fla. -- The Miami Dolphins have successfully avoided trash-talking this year. It's likely one of the things that's made even-keeled head coach Joe Philbin proud.

But this week, the rival New York Jets -- and particularly cornerback Antonio Cromartie -- laid the bait before the regular-season finale. Cromartie said on Thursday that the Jets (7-8) are a better team and this will be the last game for the Dolphins (8-7), who have a solid chance at the final wild card with a win.

However, the Dolphins weren’t biting.

“That’s his thing. I never get mad at what people want to say,” Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes said Friday. “If that’s what he wants to say, that’s what he wants to say. It’s just talk. You still gotta play the game.”

Miami receiver Mike Wallace faced Cromartie several times over the years as a member of the Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cromartie struggled in the first meeting, which was a 23-3 victory for Miami in Week 13. Wallace and Brian Hartline combined for 16 receptions, 209 yards and two touchdowns against Cromartie and New York’s secondary.

“I like him as a football player," Wallace said of Cromartie. "He’s going to talk. He’s going to get up in your face. But come Sunday, none of that really matters.”

The Dolphins have had a roller-coaster season with plenty of ups and downs. But one thing they haven't engaged in during the year is a war of words with opponents.

That streak remained in tact this week with the Jets.

“Our coach just doesn’t really want us to do that type of thing,” Grimes explained. “But I don’t think that our guys really go that route anyway.”