Dolphins' top 2013 stories: Nos. 7-8

We continue a look at the key moments of the 2013 season.

On Monday, we have moments No. 7 and No. 8.

No. 8: Dolphins suffer four-game losing streak

Analysis: Miami was riding high following its fast, 3-0 start. Many in South Florida already were talking about the playoffs and the Dolphins garnered national attention. But Miami suffered an unexpected four-game losing streak that quickly brought the team back to the pack. The Dolphins lost to the New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots. With a bye week in between, Miami went five weeks without a victory.

No. 7: The Tampa letdown

Analysis: The Dolphins suffered one of their worst losses of the season in Week 10 on “Monday Night Football.” Coming off 10 days of preparation, Miami was upset by the previously winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 22-19. The Dolphins were balancing a lot on and off the field with the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito bullying scandal. Miami owner Stephen Ross held a press conference before the Tampa Bay game and announced a new leadership task force. It was a zoo. The Dolphins failed to respond and were embarrassed on national television. It was questionable whether Miami could bounce back, but the team did play better once the shock of the situation wore off.

On Tuesday we will have top Dolphins moments No. 5 and No. 6 in 2013.