Is Ryan Tannehill chasing Russell Wilson?

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is part of the much-hyped quarterback class of 2012. It’s a deep and talented group that includes Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Nick Foles and others.

But the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson, a former third-round pick, became the first quarterback of the 2012 class to make it to the Super Bowl. Does this mean that Tannehill and his quarterback peers are chasing Wilson?

Up until recently, Luck and Griffin were considered the leaders of the class. Both put up good numbers and made the playoffs in their rookie years. Wilson also made the playoffs in 2012. However, much of the credit went to the fact that Seattle has a strong running game and a tremendous defense.

Now that Wilson made the Super Bowl, it is probably time to shift that thinking and give Wilson more respect.

Luck has the numbers and prototype ability. But he's 1-2 in the postseason and hasn’t been close to making the big game. Griffin and Foles are both 0-1 in the playoffs. Tannehill hasn’t made the postseason.

The quarterback position is most defined by winning. Including playoffs, Wilson is 27-9 as a starter and has a chance to win his first Super Bowl in two weeks.

Tannehill is 15-17 as a starter and has a long way to catch up to Wilson. But Tannehill is not the only quarterback in the 2012 draft class now chasing Wilson's level of success.