Inside the Dolphins' fine book

The Ted Wells report pulled back the curtain on the Miami Dolphins' football culture. One of the smaller but interesting details was a fine book Miami’s offensive linemen kept for each other. Starting right tackle Tyson Club was the treasurer responsible for keeping the money, according to the report.

On the surface, it sounds only immature. But the fine book was used as evidence against Incognito when he fined himself $200 for “breaking JMart.” According to Wells, that was proof that Incognito was aware that his constant harassment impacted Martin.

Here is a look at other fines:

  • Pro Bowl center Mike Pouncey was fined $100 for being subpoenaed by the FBI in the Aaron Hernandez trial.

  • Dolphins rookie guard Dallas Thomas was fined $150 for having “stinky dreads.” Thomas has dreadlocks.

  • Clabo was signed $50 for having grey hair.

  • Guard Nate Garner was fined $500 for “laying on the field on blocked field goal.”

  • Garner also was awarded $250 for “not cracking first.” Garner was picked on a lot by Incognito and others, according to the report.

Most of this seems like general silliness by athletes with too much time on their hands. But the fines related to Martin turned out to backfire for Incognito during this investigation.